Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Austin W Hotel Haunted

Is the W hotel haunted?  Why are sheets of glass launching to the streets below?  There has also been a strange sad death of a woman who worked at the W.   Austin Texas is a developing city, is this causing a disruption in the universe.

Here is a story in the Austin American Statesman:

By Gary Dinges

"Almost 1,000 glass panels on the balconies at the 37-story W Austin Hotel and Residences will be replaced after three of the panels fell more than 20 stories Monday afternoon onto West Third and Lavaca streets — the second time glass has dropped from the downtown building in less than a month.
No one was injured, but five parked vehicles were damaged, according to a W spokesman.
A pair of panels fell more than 20 floors into the hotel's pool area on June 10, leaving four people with minor injuries. The pool remains closed."

Here is the sad story of the missing woman found in an ventilation system.  my prayers go out to the family.

By Patrick George and Claudia Grisales


"A 26-year-old woman who was reported missing a month ago was trying to enter a downtown restaurant through its ventilation system when she became trapped and died, police said.
Jamie Minor, 26, was identified Monday as the person discovered inside ductwork leading into Perry's Steakhouse between the first and second floors of the building at 114 W. Seventh St . Police Cmdr. Julie O'Brien said medical examiners are working to determine Minor's exact cause of death and that police do not believe foul play was involved.
"This appears to be an incredibly tragic accidental death," O'Brien said."



  1. My fiance and I have been speculating about this too...very interesting. Does the hotel have any history of hauntings? It kind of sounds like a Poltergeist.

  2. that area was known for prostitution.
    there where some strange killings in the 1880's

    From late 1884 to late 1885, a vicious serial killer haunted the streets of Austin. Below is a list of his victims.

    Victim Date
    Mollie Smith Dec. 30 1884
    Eliza Shelley May 6, 1885
    Irene Cross May 23, 1885
    Mary Ramey Aug. 29, 1885
    Gracie Vance Sept. 27, 1885
    Orange Washington Sept. 27, 1885
    Susan Hancock Dec. 24 1885
    Eula Phillips Dec. 24 1885

  3. Just looked this up. I was thinking of having my sisters Bridal shower there but after all the controversy, deaths, and shattered glass across, LITERALLY the entire NATION these last couple of months you have to wonder... What is really going on. Not all the cases have been accurate that have been reported. As a broadcast journalsim major we learn not to believe everything we read or see. The cases have not only been very strange and sketchy but the reporters and who ever writes about these cases have done a MISERABLE job of gathering facts.

    -In the Atlanta GA case, where the model and her friend fell 10 stories, there were other people in the room. The reporters claimed they were "play fighting". In actuality the two girls had simply leaned up against the hotel glass wall windows. In that same hotel prior to this tragic incident there were guys who actually WERE "roughhousing" and they had apparently barely touched the windows and it easily cracked from top to bottom. (These windows should be able to take a major hit regardless!!)

    -In Austin there has been recent glass breaking when people were not even around. Authorities claim that there is no relation but glass is glass and the W Hotel is the W Hotel. Saying these accidents are unrelated not only naive but simply idotic. Jamie Minor went missing randomly and was later found dead in an air duct.

    In Washington DC a lady was "reportedly" seen "jumping" over the ledge one again at the W Hotel.

    The W Hotel is Haunted or some strange unexplainable phenomena is occuring. Either that or the W Hotel is very poorly made. Either way I will never stay there again. The room was awful and overpriced anyways.... These families should sue The W for all they are worth. Cheap construction to gain money is not worth taking lives.... that is the devils work...

  4. Something strange is happening at the W hotels. across the United states it took 3 lives within four months in 2011. Pastor Zachery tims was among the three from May-August 2011