But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that some things aren’t right. Most obviously, is the art itself, which isn’t nearly up to Banksy standards. The work also sports a different phone number than the one the artist has used. And upon calling the number, you’re greeted with an audio guide that’s a good facsimile of Banksy’s, but clearly not the real deal. There speaker is clearly a different person, and rather than the self-deprecating jokes and art-world satire offered by Banksy’s narrator, this one gives a straightforward explanation of how the work should be interpreted.
After explaining the connection to the motorcycle chase and the NYPD, the narrator states takes a tangent, discussing police harassment during monthly Critical Mass bike rides.
“This particular piece seems to be commenting on the NYPD’s active role in traffic violence, which kills more than 250 New Yorkers every year,” he says. “When undercover police officers take up helmets and smash windshields, and off-duty cops drive drunk and kill pedestrians…it should be no surprise that they show up at the scene of children being run over by reckless drivers and declare: ‘no criminality suspected.’”
What gives?

full story here: http://animalnewyork.com/2013/fake-banksy-in-washington-heights-highlights-traffic-violence-police-complicity/