Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lucy of Austin, Texas Welfare Revolution

Lucy of east riverside in Austin, Texas may have just started a revolution.   Lucy has just blown the lid off people who are healthy on welfare.  Lucy called 590 KLBJ AM and explain the life of a healthy person on wealth.  Once on the system there is know incentive to get off.  Why should they. Listen to the phone call Audio: The American middle class is being drained and guess who the target of the blow back will be. The poor who need a hand up. Lucy just gave the elite who run this country audio they can point to to keep the middle class and the poor fighting each other. Instead of realizing the 1 percent make the rules and reap the real rewards, Lucy just made herself and people like her the target of the majorities frustration.

The 1 percent thank you Lucy.

                                                                                            art work provided by Paul Beck Austin Texas

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  1. Lucy was a plant...nothing she said was true. You can't get an apartment on Riverside for $600. COA does not give away free electricity/water to poor people, you can get a $40 exemption from their service charges. Cash welfare benefits are paid on a very limited basis and only for short periods. Totally bogus ...

  2. Actually, do your research. There are programs for each of the items she listed. I'm not about to list them here as you can see...people take advantage. This isn't just cash welfare she's talking about.

    1. i am asking you Anonymous to prove Lucy was a plant. i am not asking for a list of programs. do you know lucy? or who was behind the lucy call?

      thank you

  3. Does anyone have anymore info on this Lucy. Is she for real? It seems like a plant,...please post if you do.

  4. I know Lucy. She is real and a wonderful wife, mother, and parent!