Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Arrested at the Texas Capitol

Santa goes down for spreading joy. "this is not right" Santa

Worst Song of 2012

worst song of 2012 is:

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dark Knight and Sandy Hook

 crazy coincidence  from  and this strange youtube clip

CONFIRMED: Section of Gotham Renamed “Sandy Hook” in Latest ‘Dark Knight’ Release

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December 20, 2012
A few days ago we posted an article pointing out that director Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman release “The Dark Knight,” which was recently released on DVD, bizarrely featured a mention of the words “Sandy Hook.”
Since that “minor coincidence,” we’ve scoured the Batman movies and pored over various Gotham City maps to find anything that could support the theory that the movies may have had hints of foreknowledge of the tragic massacre that occurred last week, because where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.
What we’ve found is interesting to say the least.
We looked at different maps of Batman’s fictional home town Gotham City and compared them with each of the films.
In the latest film, the southern section of Gotham is without a doubt called “Sandy Hook,” however, according to our research, this section was renamed somewhere between the first film and the last.
Take a look at the map in this still frame found in the first Batman movie, “Batman Begins,” taken around 14:41:

Although blurry, the colors match up with the map below, in which the southern section in question is called, “South Hinkley,” not “Sandy Hook”:

Click to enlarge
See the below comparison:

Also, the design of the map is different than ones seen in “The Dark Knight Rises:”

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” the Sandy Hook island holds the Gotham stadium that super-villain Bane demolishes.
A book titled “The Dark Knight Manual,” the “definitive guide to his tools, vehicles, and technologies,” was published, according to Amazon, on July 10, 2012 and features a map in which the section is called “South Hinkley,” not “Sandy Hook.” The book is described as “an in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan’s Batman,” and was released nearly simultaneously with the “Dark Knight Rises” movie, yet it fails to reflect the southern Gotham island as “Sandy Hook.”
Meanwhile, numerous December 2011 posts tell of promotional material being sent out by Warner Brothers in advance of the “Dark Knight Rises,” curiously with maps.

Screen capture taken from
The website says they received a package containing a “new Bane ‘Fire Rises’ t-shirt that comes in a tube wrapped in a map of Gotham City.” In this promotional material, vividly showing Bane’s “strike zones,” the map shows the southernmost island is titled “Sandy Hook.” A tip of the hat to the Gothamist who also informed their readers of this.
According to the website, director Eli Roth also received a promo kit. In a Twitter post last year, the Cabin Fever director was featured wearing the Bane t-shirt saying, “THIS just showed up at my house with no explanation or return address. Should I be worried?”.
The “No Man’s Land” Batman comic series (published March – November 1999) featured a cover with the section in question going under the label “Tri-corner Yards,” and various other, seemingly older maps show this title as well.

Some people have argued that “Sandy Hook” appears in “The Dark Knight” because Gotham City is supposed to represent New York City, which is somewhat true, and that because there is a bay and beach in the same vicinity of New York City by that name (actually in New Jersey) that “Sandy Hook” appears as a nod to reality.
photoSandy Hook, New Jersey (Screencapture from Google maps)
Others argue that the name “Sandy Hook” is just a common name for towns.
For those who are left asking, “Why would someone do this?” Alfred Pennyworth, butler to Bruce Wayne, says of an evil force in “The Dark Knight” movie, “some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
Someone on another message board pointed out an interesting exchange between Commissioner Gordon and the newly promoted detective Blake in “The Dark Knight Rises”:
Blake: Sir, that could all just be a coincidence.
Commissioner Gordon: You’re a detective now, son. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.
Now the questions become: Why did they change the name from “South Hinkley” to “Sandy Hook,” and Who authorized the change?
If you are enjoying spotting these bizarre coincidences and traveling down the road of curiosity with us, stay tuned for tomorrow’s scintillating revelation that some are saying is the “smoking gun” needed to tie the Dark Knight Rises, the Aurora massacre and the Sandy Hook tragedy. We guarantee it will leave you wondering, “Exactly WTF is going on?!”

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mass Shooting Conspiracy and Libor

 Here is what is floating around the web about the Mass Shooting Conspiracy

The father of Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza, a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial, one of the many corporations owned and controlled by the international central banks, and was also a partner at Ernst & Young. ¹ The father of James Holmes is Robert Holmes, and, at the time of the shooting, the lead fraud scientist for the credit score company FICO. ²

FICO works with all major banks and is directly connected to the function of London Inter-Bank Offered Rate, or LIBOR. I have read the claim, in both cases, that these men were actually slated to testify in the LIBOR hearings before the U.S. Congress, but I have not been able to find anything substantial or conclusive to prove that. Both men, however, it has been evidenced, were quite knowledgeable on the LIBOR interest rate fixing scandal, with at least the potentiality to be subpoenaed for testimony in hearings regarding the fraudulent scheme.

16 international central banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. This is assuredly the largest financial fraud scheme within our collective lifetimes, and I would venture to say, in the history of the world.

If you think that the international banking mafia/cartel is not capable of murder, and it all sounds too impossible to believe that these incidents are more than coincidences, consider the case of Kevin Krim. Kevin was a CNBC executive responsible for publishing news of a $43 trillion lawsuit that implicated "top government officials in the Obama White House along with several major US banks, bankers involved in the wrongdoing, and their profiteering cronies." ³

His family ended up murdered the day after with the mild-mannered, highly-praised nanny being blamed for the murders. If all of these situations sound more like coincidences rather than conspiracies to you, then it seems to me that you don't know exactly how ruthless these crooks are. Suffice it to say, that to compare them to the mafia in terms of murderous ruthlessness could best be paralleled by respectively comparing the New York Yankees to a Little League team.

They literally persuade governments to start wars, so that they can finance both sides, and no matter who wins or loses, they are always winners, because they will always be receiving their interest payments at the end of any given conflict. You need look no further than to investigate who financed the Nazis to build them up into a power that would be dangerous enough to justify a second world war, which they desperately sought, in order to increase support for the establishment of the UN, with the overall goal being one world government, otherwise known as the New World Order. The Rockefellers, the Morgans, and even Prescott Bush, father of George HW Bush, are all implicated in being party to the international banking cartel, and, at best, indirect financiers of Hitler's Nazi party.

Another factor of consideration is the fact that we have seen the most marked increase in "mass shootings," and incidents billed as "mass shootings," since the time that the UN small arms treaty has been being considered here in the US. Not only have these two incidents shown marked discrepancies between "official" accounts, the Sikh Temple shooting as well had eyewitness accounts of multiple suspects(four shooters with a paramilitary appearance, in this case), with the "official" story claiming that there was only one shooter.

As I understand it, one of the primary containments of the UN's global government grab is the fact that the US' citizenry is too heavily armed to force or coerce into the global government scheme without it becoming, most undoubtedly, the most monumental conflict in human history without a formal declaration of war. Any country, to the best of my knowledge, that has given up their gun rights, has experienced increased oppression and police brutality, as well as increased home invasions and gun related homicides perpetrated by outlaws.

Indeed, there is literally not much of an argument to make in the way of gun control, as most criminologists who were initially in favor of gun control, throughout their research on the subject, and their careers, have largely ended up supporting gun rights. 4 From the article that my annotation just referenced, this information is presented:

[Principal among the facts that [Dr.]Wolfgang [Kleck] was disappointed to learn, is that guns are used for self-defense between 2.1 million and 2.5 million times every year. The following facts from the Kleck/Gertz study, relate directly to this fact:

In the vast majority of those self-defense cases, the citizen will only brandish the gun or fire a warning shot.
In less than 8% of those self-defense cases will the citizen will even wound his attacker.
Over 1.9 million of those self-defense cases involve handguns.
As many as 500,000 of those self-defense cases occur away from home.
Almost 10% of those self-defense cases are women defending themselves against sexual assault or abuse.
This means that guns are used 60 times more often to protect the lives of law-abiding citizens than to take a life.
At an estimated 263 million US population, in 1995, when the study was released, it also means that an average of 1 out of every 105 to 125 people that you know will use a gun for self-defense every year.

Dr. Kleck also wrote in his book titled "Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America (Social Institutions and Social Change)" that burglars are more than three and a half times more likely to enter an occupied home in a gun control country than in the USA. Compare the 45% average rate of Great Britain, Canada and Netherlands with the 12.7% of the USA. He continued to point out that citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals every year as do police (1,527 to 606). In a related article titled, "Are We a Nation of Cowards'?" in the November 15, 1993 issue of Newsweek Magazine, George Will reported that police are more than 5 times more likely than a civilian to shoot an innocent person by mistake.]

In my opinion, these incidents, as well as discrediting and/or intimidating potential witnesses in the LIBOR scandal hearings, are poorly disguised attempts at manipulating the population of the US into a state of fear that will provide popular support for increased restrictions on gun rights, with the eventual goal being gun confiscation. We have certainly seen similar tactics used by our government in the OKC bombing, which was perpetrated to gain support for un-Constitutional "anti-terrorism" legislation being passed by the Clinton Administration. 5

If we allow this to happen, I believe it will not be too long before we find ourselves in a dystopian nightmare of oppression and tyranny imposed by a global communistic government, and we will only have ourselves to blame if we allow this to happen, as we have seen the warning signs before, if only we have been paying attention.

These incidents are aimed at causing fear and reaction, and we should not be afraid, we should be aware, because then false flag attacks will no longer be enticing to our government, and hopefully we can be spared tragedies like this and OKC from ever happening again...


Supporting video evidence:

written by Mykill Mayhem

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Austin Noodle House owner Eddie Nimibutr

 Thailand-born Nimibutr’s crass racism “I’m failing to give a damn about the CT shooting. I don’t care if a bunch of white kids got killed. F**k Post-Racial bullshit. When kids from minority groups get shot, nobody cares. When Israel launched missiles at the school on Gaza, everybody was too busy jerking off. Why should i care about people who dont give a damn about me? Personal responsibility, right?”
 not PR for the Noodle

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paul Beck is Busy

What is Austin Texas artist Paul Beck up to?  We are hearing strange rumors from one of artist Paul Beck's studio.  This is the buzz, two animated videos to be released, new work and something that will be new for the Austin community.

We have reported early in this blog that an animation has been released.  The video, a surreal journey through the universe accompanied by the music of Panjoma. 

We have been trying to contact Paul Beck to confirm what is next.

see video here:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza 4chan post


Mentally Ill Adam Lanza

post on 4chan his intent? wed. 12/12/12
warning this is graphic and desturbing:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

State Police and local authorities are responding to a shooting at an elementary school in southwestern Connecticut, officials say. Sandy Hook Elementary School is on lockdown, police say.
reported teacher shot in foot.  the gunman is dead.
Multiple people, including children, have been killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The number of victims is unclear. Many of the shootings took place in a kindergarten classroom, sources said.

 update reported by cbs news:
27 dead.  14 students dead.

Autistic Mentally Ill Adam Lanza not Ryan Lanza

 son of teacher is reported being the shooter.  unconfrimed there where two shooters dressed as nuns

REPORT: Shooter Son Of Teacher...
Gunman dead...
20 years old, from New Jersey...
UPDATE: Body Found In Killer's Home...
Second man taken into custody...
UPDATE: Younger Brother Detained...
District Had Just Installed New 'Safety' Protocols...
Scene 'atrocious'...
Newtown, CT Described as 'Adorable Little Town'...
Speaker Boehner Orders Flags Lowered at Capitol...

Image: Map featuring Newtown, Conn. (© Nokia/Microsoft Corporation)
1 shot, gunman dead at Connecticut elementary school

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Item Thrown at Austin City Council

During General Citizens Communications section at Austin's City Council meeting

Ms. Kennedy was ask to leave the chambers after throwing something.  Ms. Kennedy stated "you were suppose to catch that."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Death Mantra Panjoma and Paul Beck

Beautiful "Death Mantra"; new music from Panjoma and video created by Paul Beck
"Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep is a poem written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Frye. The melody for this rendition was inspired by Nithya Shanti. Music and vocal recording by Panjoma. Video by Paul Beck".

"For me, with death comes knowledge of the universe, we are complete.  Between each tear is life". Paul Beck

The video is a beautiful blend of song and images.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hannah Sabata Bank Robber Teen

Hannah Sabata, 19-year-old Nebraska teen.

A video titled “Chick Bank Robber,”  explains how she stole a car and robbed a bank.

She stole Pontiac Grand Am, drove it to a Cornerstone Bank in Waco, and robbed the place with a note reading, “NO ALARMS OR LOCKS OR PHONE or INK BAGS! I have a loaded gun. You have two minutes.”

Hannah Sabata stole  $6,256.
A video titled “Chick Bank Robber,”  explains how she stole a car and robbed a bank.
She likes Greenday. And the government stole her baby.