Monday, July 29, 2013

Austin Texas is no longer Austin Texas

A petition to change Austin's name to New Dallas has been started:
New Dallas

Austin has been and is having a total make-over and unless you got the money it is not for you.

from Austin Artist Paul Beck facebook page "Austin as you know it is over."


See the new Downtown Austin skyline that sprouted over the last decade or so? Take a good look at it, maybe snap a pic for posterity. Because over the next few years it's going to change even further.
Expect to see many more cranes Downtown; Surface parking lots will disappear.
Construction projects now breaking ground, starting to rise, topping out, currently on the books or planned to be built will further transform not just the skyline but the streetscape and the nature and culture of Downtown. And more is likely to follow.
"It may be the biggest building boom yet," says Michael Knox, the City of Austin's downtown manager in its economic growth and redevelopment services office. "We've seen booms before but this seems big if not bigger."

Saturday, July 27, 2013

U.T. is getting tired of Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football

Johnny Manziel Thrown Out of a University of Texas Fraternity video:

from Johnny Football stopped by the University of Texas last night and decided to attend a polite fraternal gathering of academic peers. Unfortunately, they were not as welcoming has he had hoped. Manziel was thrown out of this fraternity party "quickly and harshly."

Get the F out can clearly be heard.

Looks like Johnny Football has lost his frat friends.  :(

some of the comments on the youtube clip:

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