Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bob Dylan Racially Profiled and Detained

'Residents called to complain there was an old scruffy man acting suspiciously,' said officer Spencer. 'It was an odd request because it was mid-afternoon. But it's an ethnic Latin area and the residents felt he didn't fit in.'Craig Spencer, senior officer Long Branch New Jersey

Bob Dylan while staying at the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch. Before taking part in a concert with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp, Bob decided to take a walk through the town's Latin quarter.

'Residents called police to complain there was an old scruffy man acting suspiciously,' said officer Spencer. 'It was an odd request because it was mid-afternoon. But it's an ethnic Latin area and the residents felt he didn't fit in.'  said Craig Spencer, a senior officer in Long Branch, New Jersey.

A 22-year-old female officer demanded to see his identification papers and detained him in the back of her vehicle until his story could be confirmed.

some comments from the dailymail.com story:

We are doomed. You can't even walk the street these days, legally, without being detained. This is a sick and evil society.
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Since when does anyone, celebrity or not, have to show ID when walking on a public street? Is this Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany? Dylan doesn't need the,money, but a few million from the municipality could be donated to charity. He must have a good lawyer. Use him (or her).
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I dont think the question should be: "Should a celebrity be treated differently than anyone else" but rather: "Should anyone be treated this way" Since when is not having your "Papers in order" an arrestable offense anyway? For those of you that have forgotten, or purposely mislead: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." You do not have to surrender any documents or papers to any law enforcement officer without being presented with a warrant. What troubles me the most are the comments about how the officer was just "doing her job." Her job dos not include violating anyone's civil rights, celebrity or not. Welcome to facist Amerika.
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Interesting article about Dylan and police in NJ. Reminded me of excellent recent novel "Blood on the Tracks" by Tom Grasty in which a Dylanesque character could not be identified until the end of the novel. Truth is truly stranger than fiction. J
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He's written this one already "If you're ever down there On Bagby and Lamar You better watch out for The man with the shining star Better know where you're going Or stay where you are If you're ever down there On Bagby and Lamar"
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What on earth gives the police the right to go and accost someone for just walking down the street? What crime was he committing? Though I love Bob Dylan and the story is funny, what right do the police have to just go and demand identification from someone. Have they become the gestapo? Good for Bob. Perhaps this naive police officer will think twice(contrary to the "Don't think twice" advice of Dylan's) before she goes and demands ID of someone and makes herself look like a bullying fool again.
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so dylan was racially profiled, and he didn't get abusive and dramatic like some people do. THIS IS HOW ACCOMPLISHED AND IMPORTANT PEOPLE ACT UNDER DURESS. take note new money!
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I would love to know what he was doing that made him so suspicious. But it's good he can feel safe enough to walk about. It is sad that so many do not know or appreciate the monumental talent that is Bob Dylan, the Pulitzer prize winning, oscar recipient, singer, songerwriter, actor, author, DJ, painter, producer, multi award winner and Hon Dr. multi instramental musician. I wish he would walk down my street. I would like to shake his hand and thank him.

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