Saturday, July 6, 2013

Full-Time Jobs Disappearing

Disappearing American Dream

47% of Americans have a full-time job.

144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-time. Friday's report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was working last month. Only 47% of Americans, however, had a full-time job. 
 There is a growing number of Americans slipping through the cracks of the job market.

The slow decline from the last two presidents:

Compare and Contrast 1 year after re-election. 

June 2005 - 5.0% unemployment under Bush
June 2008 - 5.6% unemployment under Bush
June 2013 - 7.6% unemployment under Obama

June 2005 - 37M people living in poverty under Bush
June 2008 - 38M people living in poverty under Bush
June 2013 - 50M people living in poverty under Obama
June 2005 - 22M people on food stamps under Bush
June 2008 - 30M people on food stamps under Bush
June 2013 - 48M people on food stamps under Obama
July 5, 2004 - $7.3T National Debt under Bush
July 5, 2008 - $9.8T National Debt under Bush
July 5, 2013 - $16.9T National Debt under Obama

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ecoplastican  Blue Light  14 hours ago

Difficult to deny, isn't it?

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    Mike Brown  ecoplastican  12 hours ago

    No it isn't for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, and every liberal newspaper in the country. These people have nothing to do with journalism, and everything to do with indoctrination. When you see them in your town, shut them down, get in their face, and disrupt whatever it is they are doing.

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      uvm73  Mike Brown  11 hours ago

      Amen! The so-called Fourth Estate is truly Pathetic! Ben Franklin would be disgusted with these media punks.

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        hydrangea1  Mike Brown  10 hours ago

        There is no more journalism. What we have now is a leftist propaganda machine for obama.

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          Austin Krzciok  hydrangea1  9 hours ago

          STFU with your "leftist" "rightist" agenda. All politicians are in the hands of the Corporate elite, weather they're dem or republicans. And until you idiots see this, we will see more of the same.

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            restoreliberty  Austin Krzciok  9 hours ago

            so idiot savant, which other candidates are YOU going to vote for in house and senate races????? How man Ron Pauls can run for all the seats up for re-election????
            the big bag libertarian party doesn't exist at any kind of level that can do any of us one bit of damn good

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              hydrangea1  Austin Krzciok  8 hours ago

              Stay classy!

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                Waiting, waiting, and waiting.  Austin Krzciok  8 hours ago

                Dear boy, it is not necessary to swear to get your point across, IF your point is valid. So what triggered your emotional tirade? He used the world "leftist"? He grouped the media to favoring one side? And you see all sides being to blame?
                He may not have used precisely accurate terms, but he is essentially correct... the media organizations that consider themselves "legitimate" are pretty much a propaganda arm for the Democratic party. No different than what Chinese media companies do for their government over there.
                Now you are also correct... BOTH sides Dems and Repubs have wealthy members who are buying control of our government via lobbyists, routinely.
                Those wealthy liberals are usually the "elitist" who think they know how everyone else can live better with the government helping them, while they themselves don't get their hands dirty and stay separate in their well-to-do neighborhoods in NY, CA, IL, NJ, CO, etc...
                The wealthy conservatives usually are minding their own business, and focusing on their businesses. Also living in their well-to-do neighborhoods. Some contribute to charity, others don't.
                The 75% of us living paycheck-to-paycheck, or gov't-handout-to-gov't-handout....we're the mish-mash getting abused by our ego-centric politicians in Washington. Which we still have the ability to vote out if we can separate our self-images from the 2-party groupthink.
                Yeah.... until people start voting into a 3rd party, or completely overhaul one of the other 2, it will be more of the same for a while. If you want people to join you in a 3rd party, my suggestion is to lay off swearing at them, and stop calling them idiots.
                In the end, we're all doing the same thing, in every country, rich or poor, dumb or smart, young or old...we're trying to create as good a survivable life for ourselves as we can and to climb as high up Maslow's/Alderfer's hierarchy of needs as we are able (whether we know what that is or not).
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                Yale U  Austin Krzciok  7 hours ago

                How about you address Obama's time in office:

                Record Unemployment
Record Debt
                Verizon phone records of ALL americans
                Record Deficit spending
                Record borrowing from China

                First ever US credit downgrade
Record Government Expansion

                More killed in Afghanistan than under Bush
                Class and race divide not seen in 60 years (from the great "Uniter")
                Record food stamps
                Record disability claims
                Record welfare roles
                Record Gas Prices

                The least transparent government in decades
                Lies and spin to prevent the truth about 4 US Citizens killed in Libya to protect BO's election chances (marginalized by the left, the same left that wanted Bush hung because 4 soldiers put underwear on the heads of terrorists in AG)
Fast and Furious,
                Solar sweet deals to 4 companies now bankrupt.
                I wonder if you'll blame all that on someone else. If you do, please remember that 3 years ago BO said he "owned it"
                Perhaps just another lie in a long list of them.....

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                  mickrussom  Austin Krzciok  6 hours ago

                  The root of the cabal is the banks.

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                    ransomed77  mickrussom  6 hours ago

                    Mickrussom - The root of the "cabal" is nonsensical conspiracy theories like the one you’re spouting. Exactly how do banks stand to gain from high unemployment? Explain yourself.
                    You loony tunes are almost as bad as the lefties!

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                      Harold  ransomed77  5 hours ago

                      Ever read the story of Joseph and the famine in Egypt?
                      By the last years of the famine, the "poor" were starving and had to trade everything they had for food. While the "gubmens" [Pharoah & the Priests] got everything.
                      Do you really think someone worth 100 Million gives a $hit if you are out of work, or starving?
                      My point is, that even conservative sites post stories about the widening gap between "us" [the almost dirt poor] and "them" [the BO's {who was reared in "white" wealth, a point most of his supporters missed} the monied, and libs, useful idiots and fellow travelers] of the world.
                      Folks who poo poo "conspiracy theories" seem to forget little things like the American Revolution [a really open BUT VERY SUCCESSFUL CONSPIRACY, JFK, and LOTS of history.
                      You also probably need to read about the biggest "conspiracy" of all, the beginning which can be found in a little Book called Genesis and which doesn't end until a little old Book called "Revelation."

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                        Sideeous  ransomed77  an hour ago

                        It's called boom and bust, crash and consolidate , the first time it happened in the US was this thing called the great depression, where they crushed everyone economically and bought the world up for pennies on the dollar. 1913 when the federal reserve got its power was they day the people lost theirs.

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                        Brian Perkins, Sr.  mickrussom  4 hours ago

                        There's a grain of something, glittering in what you say.

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                        ransomed77  Austin Krzciok  6 hours ago

                        Austin - I don't understand how high unemployment helps "Corporate elites." Can you explain it? I think the tinfoil is pulled too tightly around your head.... ;)

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                          Harold  ransomed77  5 hours ago

                          I realized after the above "reply" that I need another statement.
                          I am in my 60's. During the middle 1/3 of my life I was an extreme lib. A then wife [deceased now], used to only half jokingly call me a communist. I was lib in everything.
                          I was also deeply into the new age AND NWO. Not so disparate as one might think.
                          Anyway the NWO folk back then knew the best way to bring about the NWO was to destroy the position [economically, militarily, morally, etc.] of the USA.
                          They have set about that purpose for DECADES. If that isn't a conspiracy, I don't know what is.

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                          Hogwashness  ransomed77  3 hours ago

                          Ransomed, I really don't think you need to denigrate someone like you do with your 'tinfoil' references.

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                            teapartydoc  ransomed77  an hour ago

                            Cheaper labor, for one. And the employees you do have give you less balktalk. The way it always helps the real big boys is through inflationary monetary policy via the Fed or whatever central banking system is in place. Just about every country in the world has legal tender laws, so when people pass bad money you have to take it. The bankers get the money first, before it has added to the cirulation and it is only after it has been passed around that it cheapens the value of the previous money supply. Zimbabwe is the best example of the extremity of this in modern times. Mugabe inflated his own currency and he and his banker buddies bought assets all over the world while the poor in Zim were eating rats and dying of cholera. And the progressives still admire him.

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