Monday, July 1, 2013

Justin Carter terroristic threat on online video game "League of Legends"

Justin Carter 18 from Texas, while  playing a online video game "League of Legends" made a comment on the games Facebook page that a woman in Canada felt was a terrorist threat.  So the woman looked up Justin address on the web then called the Austin police department.

this is what is allegedly keeping this young man in jail:

“Someone had said something to the effect of 'Oh you're insane, you're crazy, you're messed up in the head,’ to which he replied 'Oh yeah, I'm real messed up in the head, I'm going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’ and the next two lines were lol and jk.," said Carter.

The 18 year old is being held on Federal charges for typing a comment during a multiple player game video game.  He currently being held in a Cadwel County jail.

here are some comments from Daily Caller:
  • santigao 17 minutes ago

    'Murica. the only country in the world where you can go to jail just for making a joke. For freedom!
  • kats an hour ago

    You cops should be ashamed he was being SARCASTIC You guys are stupid .
  • ResponsibleIndividual an hour ago

  • Fred_K an hour ago

    This is all in the plans to make everyone be quiet. If no-one can say anything about being violent, they can not communicate about standing up to the government without the fear of being jailed. With precedent of jailing someone for making a threat in a joke, they get the ability to jail anyone for saying anything about violence. The boy should bring a malicious prosecution suit against the local sheriff's department.
    This is also an example of getting idiots who improperly interpret information to tattle on others, so that the government can take away rights. By making and example of one person, and using the divide and conquer technique to single out that one person, the individual is not able to stand up to the state. Since most people do not belong to strong organizations, they feel intimidated by the organized government. We must limit the size and power of the government for this reason.
  • Hmm 2 hours ago

    Jesus, thanks god i dont live in this country of retards where you cant say ANYTHING.
  • Dora Tse 2 hours ago

    as a female gamer, do you know many online screaming threats of rape and "teaching you to know your place" we get? it's called taunting and s**t-talking...people need to calm down and think about things before they go around, pointing fingers and blowing VIDEO GAME TAUNTS out of proportion...i'm not saying it's okay to say these things, by any means, but i think these people are reading WAY too into this...
  • Charles K. Byrne 4 hours ago

    F'in Canadian should have minded her own business! But what can you expect from the land of thought police and Minority Report arrests?
  • Ron Funk 4 hours ago

    I should shoot any officer that oppresses the FREEDOM OF SPEECH as traitors, including, nay, ESPECIALLY the ones to whom this article pertains to.
    Come get me pigs. EMail attached as can be obtained by subpoena. I defy you to try. I will be ready with a counter suit attached to a Human-Rights complaint.
    Perhaps, and this is conjecture based on opinion, these officers should kill themselves before someone like me catches up with them. Someone like me may not be so nice, and preserve their life as long as possible.
    Please get the prosecutor to reread the word "MAY" signifying, once again, conjecture before acting rashly and trampling my rights, like the one for speech and expression.
    So officers, where's the charges for defamation, calling the "terrorist" Insane. Has his sanity been evaluated yet? Just asking, since this could also be chalked up as bullying... thought I'd mention it since we're so gung-ho on ending "crime" (if that's what you call the provisions of the constitution).
  • Kitty McGoose 4 hours ago

    America is a fucked up country
  • Yuri Lewd 4 hours ago

    Why are his parents being so defensive? The kid did nothing wrong, if I was his parents I would be pissed at anyone that thinks what he did was any sort "crime."
  • Jacob 5 hours ago

    I read the entire thing word-for-word and I just want to state that these people are idiots; their dumber than a sack of nails. I mean, I even laughed at what he said, a person with a IQ of .1 could tell that he was being sarcastic. And also, sign the petition:
  • Nicklas Eli Sørensen 5 hours ago

    So in its entirety a teenager is jailed and could face a sentence of eight years for a distateful joke.
    Are you serious?
    If I was jailed for every distasteful joke, I would face a triple death sentence.
    This is seriously crossing the line.
    The only sense this would make, is if they found any illegal guns, excessive amount of ammunition which they can trace to the kid or if they find any evidence that would prove him mentally unstable or sociopathic/Psychopathic.
    It would seem they have no evidence of that sort, thus this better be a late april fools. A very late one.
  • guy2534 6 hours ago

    I dont know whats in the polices donuts and coffee oh yeah 99.99 percent stupidity
  • the great and powerful turtle 7 hours ago

    He ever really threaten any domestic facility,he made a off the
    cuff jokey remark that if it had been investigated by any halfway
    competent law official could have been resolved and settled within 1/2
    days ...however i strongly suspect in this case the urge to find him
    guilty is motivated more by the political ambitions of the prosecutor and others
    than any real fear of him "going postal"
  • PolitEcht 7 hours ago

    If he even plea bargens to a minor felony, there goes one more smart kid who loses the right to vote (picture ID or no ID). End police state tactics that create the largest penal system on the planet and do nothing to increase safety! #scarenation
  • Lilianna Fay Ryan 7 hours ago

    Um so what are the police doing about this woman that stalked an underage boy to find his home address? .... That's creepier...
  • Renard Fiossa 8 hours ago

    Oh for Christ's sake
    And people wonder why I despise political correctness
    It blows minor sh*t like this out of proportion in what any sane person can easily deem the most irrational manner ever
    For f*ck's sake there're bigger issues to be had at
    If any of y'all can't use your logic and implicitly understand what's coming out of anyones' mounths, the gov't is so horrible because the way it's set up to function and the incompetence of the mindless blobs running it
    [I had to censor this bloody comment because of the filters. Really...?]
  • krisman3 9 hours ago

    Maybe it too soon, but.. heck...
    I guess somebody finally.... reported this noob.
  • Johnson Deng 9 hours ago

    I'm embarrassed to be a Canadian, honestly this is just absolutely ridiculous and it's being way taken too seriously, the kid said something on the internet everybody says, that woman was overreacting.
    • dirkradke Johnson Deng 8 hours ago

      The woman didn't overreact. All she did was notify the authorities in Austin, Texas where the kid lives. If she was concerned or scared then she did the right thing. I don't believe the kid should go to jail for 8 years, but if his Facebook page where he made the comment was public then he was sarcastic, stupid, and breaking the law no matter how sarcastic sounding.
  • Frank Gomez 10 hours ago

    Congratulations! In eight years we will hear on the news, "Man shoots up school after being released from prison for joking about shooting up school."
  • Gary 10 hours ago

    What ever happened to freedom of speech!? Even if he said something controversial. One, has this kid ever been in trouble before and if not then Homeland security, NSA, FBI or ICE or OBAMA (Dictator) don't have much to go on as far as throwing this kid in jail for a month let alone 8 yrs. And if Homeland Security really wanted to be proactive they could have just done surveillance on the kid to determine if he really was a threat to life's or not. But NOOO they just went from point "A" to point "Z". Can we really say we live in a democratic society anymore?
    • dirkradke Gary 9 hours ago

      Freedom of Speech is not guaranteed when someone is threatening someone else regardless of how sarcastic they actually viewed it and it's also possible that the lady didn't know what "lol" or "lmao" or whatever it means. His comments were in bad taste and crossed the line. They were also made less than 2 months from the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. I don't think the kid should go away for 8 years, but the authorities have to take it seriously AND in this case the U.S. Federal government has nothing to do with it.
  • Jason Mounce 12 hours ago

    First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech,infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.
    "abridging the freedom of speech"
    Americans - Where are your amendments if they can't protect this teen?
    • dirkradke Jason Mounce 8 hours ago

      Well, you're not free to threaten someone else with violence no matter how sarcastic you're trying to sound. That crossed a line the kid didn't know existed. The authorities have to take it seriously.
      • Jason Mounce dirkradke 8 hours ago

        My problem is the fact that there is Implications and then there is truth. You say 'Threaten someone else', and yet there were no names, there were no goals, there was never a 'Someone' being threatened.
        It's like,if you're a suspect for the murder of someone and you admit that you wanted the person whom is dead to Suffer, die and burn a miserable death, and that you would joyfully want them to die. That's not an admittance. That's not evidence. That's only EXPLOITABLE as a form of idiotic, unjust-justice loopholes that can be used against you in the court of law because you never did it nor said you Did it.
        To be imprisoned for actions that were never committed and in this situation, actions that never came to be because Law and Justice tells the public "It could have happened so we did the world justice by preventing something from happening" - That didn't happen and likely wouldn't have. It's like that law I heard in some States where you can be Fined for listening to music with earbuds while crossing the street. You get FINED by the Situational-predicament that you maybe get run over by a car and the audio makes you unable to hear it coming so you are Fined on the What-if-scenario of your own incompetence, being told you're being charged in one ear while being told that: "We're doing this to protect you and make an example out of you" in the other.
        Similar bullshit, same problem. Know what I call it?
        Corruption, lies, deceit, bullshit and food for the sheep to eat up.
        see more
        • dirkradke Jason Mounce 8 hours ago

          Writing a book to overwhelm me is not going to make what he did less actionable. He has been charged with a crime and is awaiting trial. Hopefully, he will be found innocent. A jury will decide whether he goes to prison or is set free.
          • Jason Mounce dirkradke 6 hours ago

            'less actionable'.
            The actions that never were.
            Your choice of words amuse me but whether found guilty or innocent, much of his life has been taken away from him and his societal image from what they've done to his record even if found innocent it will likely haunt him.
  • bostonblah 14 hours ago

    did you know jews did 911, and are behind the whole phony war on terror? jews control the government ,jews have turned america into a 3rd world banana republic totalitarian police state ,total surveillance state ,jews have been behind gun control bill ,jews run the DHS and the media and wall st, they are behing all this "zero tolerance" nonsense as wel as the 3 kikes laws ,and every other effort to take away our rights, they must be rounded up and interned and never allowed to haold any pubic office media position or position of power
  • Anonymous 14 hours ago

    Red Necks!
    What do you expect, a harmless joke and they go and arrest a 8 year old kid, these are the people who make america look backwards and behind the times. i think the Texans and whoever thinks this is really offensive needs to grow up, someone needs to stand up and say no yanno what no i will not let you take this kid. this has gotten out of control its gotten to the stage where the people aren't even in control any more, the people say doesn't even count any more. the government is so posed to fear the people not the other way around. someone please stand up for this dam kid.
    • dirkradke Anonymous 8 hours ago

      First, the kid is 19 and he might go to jail for 8 years. Second, he may have been sarcastic, but he threatened to kill. Third, the comments were made less than 2 months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Maybe you should actually read the story before you comment.
  • Mark Krieg 14 hours ago

    F***in Canadians
  • Xino 15 hours ago

    life is getting more retarded by the minute.
    the guy should have at least be given a community service for making a crude joke like that. But for 8 years. It shows these people built jails but no one is occupying the jail, so they want people to use the jails.
  • RayZ 15 hours ago

    The cops who arrested this kid should have shot him dead in the head execution style. Violence should never be joked about. Jk lol.
  • ForlanceAbice 16 hours ago

    ... The stupidity of the comments here are astounding...
    I have tried to bring up how both sides can be both right and wrong.
    But all I see here are a bunch of retards either blaming the so called "liberal agenda", OR blaming the so called "right wing redneck gun nuts".
    You know? You imbeciles are the reason we are in this mess in the first place.
    You all can go screw yourselves. Reap what you sow cowards. Congratulations. Your stupidity has firmly planted a corrupting weed that we will never get rid of. Thank you, for bring such tyranny and stupidity to our shores.
    Thank you for casting aside tolerance for hate.
    I have nothing left but contempt for all of you scum.
  • dude really? 16 hours ago

    Spead the word people tell the angry joe show, happyconsolegamer ect. lets help this guy get his life back! btw alpha sent me :)
  • Drew sillitoe 16 hours ago

    what is the world coming to really 8 years f**k sake for a joke. he said that then got STALKED by that woman thats more of a crime than sarcasm by the way.
    now he is facing a prison sentence. if anyone is insane its every mother f****r than thinks this person did anything that requires more than a slap on the wrist for a bad joke
  • Doris C 16 hours ago

    They should put the woman away for being off her noodle. I cant believe the cops really think he was serious. Where is the president when hes needed to intervene in insanity.
  • Joonas Näätsaari 17 hours ago

    And the world is watching in awe as America destroys itself from the inside. Are you really this stupid? Release the kid and stop being such a f**ked up country.
    Best regards,
    The people from the rest of the world
  • DragonSilths 18 hours ago

    Also Im disgusted with that woman. We should kick her out of Canada like we did to Justin Beiber. SHE IS CANADIAN, Why should she care about a teenager in a different country??? And was this a mother? if so why was she playing League Of Legends. You would never see a male "gamer" ever react this way. I know alot of girl gamers are perfectly fine but theres a few who really SHOULD NEVER TOUCH THE ART KNOWN AS VIDEO GAMES. This is what happens, an innocent guys life gets fucked up. If he gets out they should move.

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