Friday, January 18, 2013

James F. Tracy on the Alex Jones Show

James F. Tracy PhD, political critic and educator appeared on the Alex Jones show questions why
surveillance footage of the shooter, Adam Lanza is not out.   Also why in first reports handguns where used.   And up to seven weapons mention and then disappeared.

More then one shooter as reported in news cast is one of the issues that James F. Tracy.  One has been reported being a parent running in fear and one being an off duty police officer from another town.

"Is this a drill that went live"? ask James Tracy.  crisis actors?

James Tracy questioning main stream medias coverage on Sandy Hook shooting has led to his demonetization in the media.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Uriel Landeros Menil Picasso vandal turns himself in

Landeros, said he vandalized the painting to send a message promoting revolution and change.  Landeros  has been charged with criminal mischief and felony graffiti, both third-degree felonies.

from the Houston Chronicle:

Uriel Landeros has been on the run since Picasso's "Woman in a Red Armchair" was spray-painted June 13 at the Menil Collection.
U.S. Marshals took Landeros into custody at the international bridge in McAllen, an arrangement coordinated by his lawyer, Emily Detoto.
"He surrendered at the urging of his family and myself, to come in and get started on the process," Detoto said.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Billy Corgan Doug Hagmann on Alex Jones CNN Appearance

rumor that Billy Corgan has contacted Alex Jones about his appearance on CNN.  Billy Corgan  it is said, way to break them out of "their trance", "broke their hypnosis".

from  Doug Hagmann

“Bumper lock him. Make it obvious. Do whatever you can, just make sure he knows. Handle him as a hostile.”
Those were the instructions reportedly given to federal agents who were assigned to follow Alex Jones during his visit to New York, according to a DHS source with information about the surveillance operation. “It was done to intimidate, no question,” stated this DHS source.