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Comments on The Daily Show facebook page over Lewis Black's middle finger to Texas. Texas verses New York

 Comments on The Daily Show facebook page over Lewis Black's middle finger to Texas.

Texas verses New York

Christine Meech Keene One in the pink....?
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Elliot Kimmerman Great bit! First to comment, wooooot!
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Jennifer Ott Just brilliant
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Shelly Jesse Peters So funny, wish Illinois would have thought of this :)*
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Luke Marcheski What about Florida?
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Patty Hinger Hahahahaha
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Daniel Brown Best Back in Black ever!
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Keith Bowes New York is shooting for the moon, I see.
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Mark PackerOwner FromMilwaukee Peterson Only two things come out of Texas boy, steers and queers, I don't see any horns on you so that narrows it down don't it.
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Danielle Callanan Could have been one of my favorite features Lewis Black has done. Love it!!!
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Nate McDaniel I my Uncle Lew!
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Max Anton This was fucking great!!! "Remember the Alamo?? Well we don't! Fuck you Texas!!!!"
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Morgan Steele dont mess with Texass
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Jonathan Menjivar Lewis black can suck it.
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Melvin Waldron That was great!
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Robert Eufinger Just saw it - fantastic idea! Loved it!
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Be Oh Be Go get them Lew!
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Price Youngs New York is right TEXAS is Number 1
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Jared Nolan Barth Where did the hell this come from? You can keep NY. Please stay away.
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Damon Deloff because New York is just NYC ???? the fuck with this state .. thought we only got that from people outside of New York STATE
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Diane M Falk Hilarious!
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Benjamin Joseph Top 3 fastest growing cities in the country with the lowest unemployment rates in the country...meanwhile in the rest of the
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Agnes Kearon we need another for Texas!
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Vicky Yang That whole segment was one of the best ever from TDS!
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Gloria Roberts Loved it!
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LogÅn Nowicki Lewis Black Realizes that Texas has two baseball teams also, and he is bragging about how crappy the mets are. Texas has the Astros
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Mike Volkman His thumb, pointing down.
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Carmen Matos Lopez Loved it!!!
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Truth in Politics Why dont we just let texas secede? they have no economy, no water, no brains, and no plan for the future other than "let businesses rape the land and people for profits". in 6 months or less they will have all starved to death, then we can take the land back and we can have a much less racist and stupid country.
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Shelly Skye Raunchy, but funny all the same.
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David Parker freakin awesome piece! #dontfuckwithnewyork
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Price Youngs Lewis please stay in New York because you sound like you have never been to Texas.... don't forget we can have guns, drinks over 16oz and no state income tax
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Jennifer Mays Hysterical!
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A.J. Padilla What a douche. Can't buy a big gulp and can't own a gun. Keep that shit.
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Deanna Wolf From Texas and loved it.
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Ross Carnes Put Texas, New York and Florida in a bag and.... I forget the punch line, just put them in a bag together and throw away.
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Judy Segerdell Langston Want to point out that there are several million of us Democrats, and some of us pretty liberal, who live here in Texas. 3,294,440 of us voted for President Obama and fought bitterly against this latest abomination committed by the Gov and legislature. So ease up on the hate while we fight to take our state back. The system is so jury-rigged that it will be a long slog.
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Joe Khalaf The funny thing is people here in Texas I watched this with laughed as well. The New Yorkers he interviewed came off as bad as our rednecks do.
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Anthony Cruz Well fuck you then.

I guess we'll keep the Castro twins while y'all keep Giuliani. Have fun bitch.
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Anthony Frevola Lewis black is the man !!
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Chad Hewitt Texas has no economy??
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Wade DeHart that is f!@king hilarious.
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Jennifer Betz Kussler as a former NY'er living in Texas, I found this absolutely hilarious!!!
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Jaclyn Esparza I love Lewis Black but I hate being from Texas and being lumped in with some of the people here in the state that suck. No fair.
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Luis Burgos #FAIL on the interview, next time i want religion ill tune the 700 Club
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Kate Todd The best Back in Black ever!!! Loved it!
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Nancy Kitchens Awww come on Anthony it was funny as hell lighten up
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Eve Zartman-Ball Sooo funny
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Roman Coronado Having been born, raised and currently living in Texas I can say I'm not offended at all, especially after recent events. I love NYC, always have and go as often as I can. Hell, if it weren't so damn expensive I'm pretty sure I'd move there in a heartbeat.
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Bridget A Wheeler-Gehrling I LOVE New York AND Texas, just not necessarily their "leadership"
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Greg Ford There are a lot of people in Texas who think Perry is a schmuck as well. Unfortunately, not enough to keep him out of office.
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Lauren Ares Oh sweet Moses, I LOVE this and I always will.
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Mike Trout This was one of the greatest skits I've ever seen and I've watched this show since Jon Stewart started hosting.
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Eve Zartman-Ball Agree one of the best BinB
And that's saying something
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Charlotte Heinz texas has the lowest unemployment rates?? no... try most cities/towns in the midwest...
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D.j. Sanders I live in TX and find it hilarious although in Dallas, Austin and Houston most of us are not crazy religious nuts and get to enjoy most of the same thing NY'ers do.. Great segment though. Lewis Black is one of my favs!
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Vincent Cheung NY smells like pisses. He got that right!
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Mark Schuster Classic! And to think I couldn't love Lewis Black anymore!
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Monica Granath I'm a proud Texas Democrat and I agree with you about working to take our state back, but you have to admit, the segment was pretty funny.
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Sarah Matthews This literally made me laugh out loud! Thanks, Lewis!
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Jason Faulkner The middle finger. the old way of saying you are right Texas and I hate you for it.
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Cathryn Sanders haha...this was such a funny rant, love Lewis Black!
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Ivan Stavros Sorry, no pity for Texans. I lived in Florida. When it became a laughingstock (right after electing that twatwaffle Scott for governor) I moved the fuck out! Fuck you Florida, fuck you Texas. You'll never see me again!
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Tamatha Felstein LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHH I love L Black! Fuck you Texas!!! hahahaaha!
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Michael Emperor Fuck yes! Oh, and Fuck Texas!
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Elana Cook love it-you rule
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Terri Mc But Lewis, how do u REALLY feel??
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Dylan Lawrence I couldn't stop laughing... can't wait for the retort from Texas. Though I wonder if they are too polite to do something as brazen as this.
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Matt Engelmann pretty sure the people of austin would have something to say about this
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Chris Kamau I live in Texas and even I enjoyed this video!
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Cody Graham I'm from Texas, and I thought this was funny.
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Matt Loving That was epic.
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Jeff Spotts I haven't watched it yet, but does he get real loud and angry and talk about things that bother him?
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David Rasmussen may be nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live in NYC.
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Michelle B Twatwaffle. Lmao!
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Nick Nelson-Hall Oh wow Price, you guys have guns and alcohol? Gee, that's practically unheard of outside Texas.
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Kassim Powell Waste of money? Yes.
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Robert Newmyer I laughed so hard I peed myself.
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Karen Elaine I've lived in NYC. I now live in ATX. It's one thing to live in a place surrounded by the like-minded and preach to the choir. It's another to live in a place and speak truth to power fighting against you. I'm going to stay in Texas and fight the good fight where it's being fought. You gonna come help? If not, please send your love and support to those of us fighting for our rights instead of ragging on the state as a whole. Thanks.
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Mary Middlebrook This had my husband and I (both escapees from Texas and now residing in California) rolling on the fucking floor!! #TexasTruth
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Jeffrey McClure Seriously? I realize this is pseudo-serious comedy, however, all this does is create more division...
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Jeff Bramlett

I'd rather go to Hell than Texas! has the largest and funniest T-shirts on the Internet !
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Troy D. Walker Funny that a lot of the regulations in New York were republican born (taxi monopoly anyone). But yeah come here to Texas, we'll let you blow up whole towns.
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Julie Peña Makes me wanna move to NY
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Justin Sutton As a Texan all I can say is... go ahead and finger us... wait...
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Reid Allen Hasa diga Texas!
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Lou Gonzalez Flattered.
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Daniel D Moore Lewis Black is my hero!
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Beth Fehlbaum I really, really, REALLY wish they had qualified this to be directed at Rick Perry and/or the Ted Cruz Crazy-types instead of the entire state. As warped as the ones who get the attention are, like Perry, Cruz, et. al, they do not represent the SPIRIT and inherent kindness of Texans. I'll put it this way: if any of those people in this video segment were broken down on the side of the road in a rainstorm, I guarantee you that someone would stop to help them rather than just drive on by. AND, I can also guarantee you that when they're in line at the grocery store, by the time they leave, there's a good chance that they've had a conversation with the person in line next to them. That's not the case in every state. I've made up my mind to start standing up for this place, because there are multitudes of people who are NOT Rick Perry and don't even like him...I've just gotta get those people to vote in a way that represents who they really are instead of buying into the bullshit and fear mongering that people like Perry & Cruz sell at election time. I'm the first to be ashamed of Texas for a myriad of reasons; it just stings every time all of us Progressive Liberals get lumped in with the rest of the dumbasses... In closing, Wendy Davis 2014! A chance to redeem this state in the eyes of everybody else!
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Linda Gordon Williamson hilarious
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Laurie Fischer This is one of those clips I will have to watch over and over.
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Sven Muhlenberg Ring?
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Josh Kleam We have the best economy out of all the other states in this country. Our states economy is better than many European nations. So you guys can keep talking shit we'll just state facts.
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Megan Peti Daniel Mitchell, have you seen this? It made me think of you.
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Margaret Prendergast Brilliant!!
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Tom Fleming As amusing as this was, hasn't America already experienced enough New Yorker arrogance? Also, Texas has two baseball teams as well and NY has way too many regulations.
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Brian Baldinger I AGREE WITH THIS!
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Dan Rathernaught whats the difference between texas and yogurt,..yogurt has culture...texas lol
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Alex Schumacher @judy segerdell langston you voted in the democrat version of bush..i wouldnt brag about that shit lol
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Daniel Sanchez Look at some of y'all butt hurt....Hahaha
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Damaris Alfonso Texas loves you too, Lewis.
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David Dub-ya Perfect!
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Henry Wentzel It was an awesome show
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Yi Long Nice
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Stu Minnis I've lived in both, and I don't miss either of them one goddam bit.
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Jeffrey Phillips

Ray Wylie Hubbard "Screw You, We're From Texas" Ray Wylie Hubbard takes a request for his ironic rallying c...See More
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Michael Leone 100% elitist arrogance
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Ryan Smith ^^^ Yes. I support the hatred of Texas, but not the idolization of NY (where I live personally). For support that both are pretty shitty, with Texas and the South in general being worse:
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Edvinas Srugis Nothing funnier than a butthurt texan on facebook.
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Dan Rathernaught for josh,.. ------------------------

Does Texas have the best economy of the states?
Yesterday, a friend told me that Texas had "survived the recession with the stro...See More
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Courtney Williams The same one this Texan feels the need to shoe Texas on a regular basis... Please don't judge us all by Rick Perry or Louis Gohmert, PLEASE!!!
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Jon Prywes When arguing against social programs, conservatives often make the point that you can't give something for free without taking it away from someone else. Turns out they're right - when it comes to Texas' lack of income tax.

In Texas, the Joys of No Income Tax, the Agonies of the Other Kinds
A system without an income tax may be the envy of other state governments, but Texans themselves are not so sure that it should be.
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Thomas A. Snyder Funny as hell!
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Richard Schutte ohhhhhhh yeah!
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Calvin Davis lol is lewis black still relevant?
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Matthew R. Davila I'm a Texan and I'm as appalled by what happened as anyone. I phoned Rick Perry's office advising him not to do it!
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Randy Russell Josh Kleam, you just keep on thinking that about other states (even though it's factually incorrect) because living in Texas gives you such a limited array of things to be happy about. We wouldn't want you good ol' boys to be sad. Ignorance is bliss! YeeHaw!
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Michele Sandolph And they do......
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Thick McRunfast Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Polly Prissy Pants Christopher Suntrup
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Courtney Williams Then we won't judge all New Yorkers by Elliot Spitzer or Donald Trump, or Puff Dookie.
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Rayza Sunshine ^Lol show me where you read that
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Sharon Goodman You'd think that people who watch The Daily Show would have a sense of humor. It appears some of them do not. For those Texans who have their knickers in a twist, did you notice how much that video made fun of New York?? Why does this need to be explained to you?
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Dan Pierce I think people miss that he takes a couple of pokes at NYC as well. In his description of the Mets as the team they keep out of pity and that New Yorkers piss all over their city.
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Debra Edgington Feeling a little too sensitive? It's comedy for goodness sakes!
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Roy Lawrence Everybody calm down, you're taking this way too seriously
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Kim Platt Wow. Does this really come off as serious? Came off as satire to me.
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Mark Anderson This is great - the best bit I have ever seen Lewis do. And FUCK YOU, Rick Perry!
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Michael Roth Transplanted to Texas at 20 and been here on and off for almost 50 more, but I'll always be a New Yorker in my heart.
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Price Youngs i got a question what does it cost to live in N.Y.C.?
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Kit Kaylor lol love it add Washington state to those who say FUCK YOU texass
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Ted Carr And the other middle finger is for Florida?
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Anthony Poirier Fantastic ad, even if I think both places are cesspools (Spoken like a proud Canadian)
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Sasha Lov A lot, but much like divorce it's worth it.
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Christopher Dawson Yay, keep fomenting idiotic divisions amongst ourselves...makes it easier for the oligarchy to maintain power! Hilarious comedy!
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Anna Gonzalez This was actually one of the most ignorant TDS segments that I've ever seen. Texas has a population of 26 million. That is a lot of people to paint with one brush. Should I assume all New Yorkers are Donald Trump? Houston is among the most diverse cities in the US. Austin's (my hometown) reputation speaks for itself. It sounds like Lewis Black has never been to Texas. I would guess most people on this thread haven't either.
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Dan Hébert Texas is bible belt hell and it's completely intellectually stifled. They clamor nonstop about saving all the babies and how "sacred" life is yet, being an overwhelmingly Republican state, supports war. So much for the "sanctity" of human life. The pro-life argument is horseshit.
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Marti Serensits Love ya Lewis!!!!!
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Bruce Dean Hart Is it the same finger he uses to scratch the hemorrhoids in his asshole?
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Price Youngs Washington State and England West(Canada) come on down and Visit. Ya'll are welcome to check it out. Ya'll would love Austin.
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James Wells I think what's funnier than this video is that any resident of a state that elects Rick Perry still thinks they reserve the right to call anything ignorant. Gotta love America.
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Jeffrey Phillips

Lyle Lovett - That's Right (You're Not From Texas)
From A&E's Live by Request.
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Gladys Najar Good one!!
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Penny Carlson This piece was great!
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Patrick Sullivan Hilarious
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Bryan C. Winter Ultimately it is comedy. I'm a libertarian, who still thinks Stewart is funny, even if at times it gets a bit preachy. He is selling a product though, and there nothing wrong with that, we just have to take it with a grain of salt and not take ourselves to seriously. And generally when friendly economic conservatives Like Ron Paul or Marc Rubio come on to have a discussion, he keeps it fair and honest. He very rarely makes an example of people, and when he does, it is usually righteously deserved. (remember Cross Fire, or Jim Cramer?). TBH I feel like while he leans to the left, he does take it easy on people who are at least honest, fair and calm, while he roasts idiots like Glen Beck, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly for hipocracy. I'm not going to get bent out of shape for him mocking Texas. It is just a joke.
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Bryan C. Winter I even agree with those guys sometimes, but that doesn't mean I like them. A douche is a douche, and should always be called out. Political affiliation has zero relevance to weather your a good person or not. Your a moron if you think people are bad because of their beliefs.
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Jimmy Morales I love this!!!!!
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Marc Solzan Brilliant! FUCK TEXAS!
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Robbie L Loeb Cant believe people are so sensitive on here. Don't watch the Daily Show if you cant take a joke. #BackinBlack
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Sara Samora I'm from Texas, but I found this hilarious!

One day I'll reside in New York City
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David Salazar fuck everyone who said fuck texas , all you cocksuckers have aids
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The Human Rights and Scientific Honesty Initiative, University of Virginia New York City: Highest abortion rate in the entire country per capita, and pretty close to the same rate of failure with STD's. Yet, somehow, these folks think they have all the solutions.. That's *really* funny! Next up, Chicago tells Wyoming how to curb violent crime.
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Josh Kleam Call me ignorant if u want, but if u really think all Texans are stupid, heard cattle, and are intolerant. Than you are the ignorant ones, not me. Texas is great live down here for a while and you'll see. But Randy Russell if u think we can say Yehaa really good. You should also know that Texas had a rainy day fund as we liked to say that we used to pay for the recent economic turmoil here. Did New York or Cali have one NO! Notice how Luis only talked about the culture of New York. New York is pathetic compared to Texas. However I wouldn't mine visiting for a few days. Better than a lot of other inferior states.
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John Killen "Remember the Alamo ? Neither do we !" LOL, keep it classy N.Y.
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Holly Elizabeth haha love it!
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Bob Kull Excellent sketch!!!
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Price Youngs I think us folks from Texas don't disagree we have our on problems no one is prefect, But don't judge us until you visited our State.
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Eleanor Keisman this is hilarious. ok, yeah, doesn't represent new york state, just nyc, and it's pretty angry, but come's lewis black. and it's hilARious!!!!!!
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Bartolo Argenis Reyes best vid ever!!!
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Sasha Lov The Human Rights and Scientific Honesty Initiative, University of Virginia?
I think that title alone just created an oxymoron paradox.
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Angela Crocker I love Lewis Black X3
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Lanna Mercer Barbaroux I agree and I live in Texas. Fuck Rick Perry, idiotic politicians and the rest of Texas that's not Austin. Lewis Black is hilarious!
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Matthew Lammers If you judge a place by the quality of it's politicians, you'll hate most places.
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James L Jeffley Is that the new spot for the NY Convention and Visitors Bureau?
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The Human Rights and Scientific Honesty Initiative, University of Virginia

Study Shows Soaring STD Rates In Many Areas Of New York City - CBS New York
A study by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has found that large part...See More
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Patricia Woehrlen Brilliant!
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Greg Mucha Bus 'em in...let's have a "Fuck Texas" march right through downtown Houston, Mr. Black...since most of the 9/11 First Responders didn't come from that part of Texas...and let's see how far you make it through downtown. Feel free to shoot your mouth off, just tell us where and when. We'll be happy to say, "howdy," all over your neck and shoulders. We're friendly like that.
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Milli Gryca Good Lord Texas...This was hysterical. I live in FL, so I feel the pain of rational, normal people living in fu#ked up States!
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Nancy Stockbridge Great show tonight. Thanks!
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Jeff Grosek From Texas. Love this.
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Milli Gryca How convenient the self righteous Texans ignoring the debacle amd laughingstock Perry has made of your state, as you make macho threats.
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Tyler Hoff How about people worry about their own goddamn states, huh? Nobody gives a fuck, New York. If you don't like it, move.
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Tyler Hoff pussies
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Karen Callaway I sincerely hopes he doesn't stop with Texas.
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Josh Kleam Perry may be an idiot but was smart enough to surround himself with intelligent people. Look whose trying to be ur mayor NY, oh sorry look at the people who are running for mayor. And look at ur current Mayor y'all seem to be the dumb ones.
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Kathi Wagner this was so sooo good!
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David Mancebo Sr. If Texans don't like this then get rid of your ignorant, narrow minded and out of touch politicians!!
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The Human Rights and Scientific Honesty Initiative, University of Virginia "Health care" in New York City.

Timeline Photos
By: Liberal Lunacy
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Michael D. Kirby OMLiza that's hilarious...and I was born there. (of course I live in Chicago now).
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Super Toilet As a sane, rational American I'd like to say FUCK TEXAS and fuck Rick Perry
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Shawn Elliott I'm lost. What brought this on?
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Kay Baumgartner Lived in Dallas. Couldn't get out of there fast enough. LOVE New York. Still'd be there now if I could afford it. Best place on the face of the earth. Perry and the Texas legislature, however, can blow me.
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Malkia Hutchinson

Seems Lewis Black was responding to this, perhaps?

Video: Rick Perry takes aim at New York in ad
A new ad by, 'Texas Wide Open for Business' features Texas Gov. Rick Pery.
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Elaine Phillips Most of the reasons listed for NYC being great, Houston has as well. So, yeah.
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Greg Mucha btw...I personally think Lincoln screwed up not letting Sherman finish off Georgia and the rest of the South. It would have saved a lot of trouble. No JFK assassination, no Nixon, no Bush Family...much better world. Instead we slaughtered 100 million indigenous people and millions more since. Can you tell I'm a transplant?
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Patrick Freddurstordie Egan thanks my dude
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Mason Carroll "Jeeze it's just a joke". Really? It is? Followed by the comment "Yeah, Fuck Texas!! For real, let it burn. So stupid. No culture..." That's not a joke. That's using comedy as a shield when you're called out for being as ignorant as the folk you are putting down. Yes, Mr. Black was making a joke. As a Texan, I found it a little tasteless to lump me and my entire state into the same group as Rick Perry. Whatever, I'm used to it. The problem isn't that Mr. Black and the Daily Show were making a joke, it's that people watch this and go "YEAH, Fuck Texas! It sucks!" and actually meaning it. I would have to describe myself as liberal. But I love Dallas and Texas in general. There are shitty people here. Same as anywhere. But hey...guess this is Facebook. I doubt anyone will read this and go "'re right."
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Armando Alegre I live in Texas, I thank you Louis Black, I couldn't said it better....
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Matthew R Boyd Youre number one
Wednesday at 11:56pm via mobile · Like · 2

Joe Khalaf I can't stand Perry, but isn't New York the place that's about to re-elect Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer? Yeah, about that...
Yesterday at 12:04am · Edited · Like · 6

Jimmy Drounette not all Texans are idiots or bad people. not all New Yorkers are geniuses or good people. Fuck your generalization Lewis Black.. be specific or shut the fuck up! You're capable of much more... show it!
Yesterday at 12:03am · Like · 6

Katie Schalberg Texas is an awesome place to live, of you're a white male... Fuck you Texas!!
Yesterday at 12:05am via mobile · Like · 1

Joel Hedge I say it all the time. That's why it's funny. A Texan would say "don't you get jokes?"
Yesterday at 12:05am · Like · 2

Andrew Wetzel Not a fan of Rick Perry AT ALL, but being from Texas I'll admit it- jimmies rustled Lewis Black. Well played.
Yesterday at 12:08am · Like · 1

Mark Smith "Josh Kleam - Call me ignorant if u want, but if u really think all Texans are stupid, heard cattle, and are intolerant" Josh, we don't .. We all have met or known someone or two from Texas that are great people. It's their leadership. Their arrogance. Their exploitation of the poor. And their ridiculous threats to secede, as if they could actually make it without constant Federal aid paid by Americans. they're buy and large blowhards and silly people. They're fun to make fun of. NY rocks.
Yesterday at 12:20am · Edited · Like · 3

Mark Smith "Matthew Lammers If you judge a place by the quality of it's politicians, you'll hate most places." You've obviously never been to Oregon.
Yesterday at 12:21am · Like · 2

Patrick Trevett Luv this
Rick perry is a douche
Fuck Texas
Yesterday at 12:22am via mobile · Like · 1

Kevin McPartland Succinct.
Yesterday at 12:25am via mobile · Like

Ricardo Ramirez Sr. I lived in Texas twice and will not ever go back again! I did like the river walk in San Antone and Corpus Christie but I like Lewis Black say F#CK Texas!
Yesterday at 12:31am · Edited · Like · 1

Inez Candy Woods 2 funny!
Yesterday at 12:33am · Like

Joel Flores As a home-grown Texan, let me just say this about that video: Yeah. Texas pretty much had that comin'.
Yesterday at 12:37am · Like · 4

Brian Sperduto Nah, I've been there, most people in Texas really aren't that far removed from their Governor/Congress. Texans, for the most part, really do get behind the good ol' boy, illogical, ultra-conservative rhetoric of their politicians.
Yesterday at 12:43am · Like · 1

Matthew Deyo His penis?
Yesterday at 12:50am · Like

John Heinemann Comedy Central should think about how many Daily Show watching yuppies live in Austin, Dallas, and Houston before they post something this incendiary. I know this is Lewis Black, but it's still being posted on Jon Stewart's page.
Yesterday at 12:51am · Like

Andrew Uphoff As much as I don't like Rick Perry, he doesn't make me want to refuse to visit or do business with them like New York does. So, hate to say it. but F#CK NY.
Yesterday at 12:51am · Like · 3

Pork Miller As a Texan, I laughed so hard. I love Louis Black, and NO--Dick Parry doesn't speak for all of us. Jerry Brown correctly described our gob'ner when he said 'shart'
Yesterday at 12:52am · Like · 7

Micah Plourd amazing
Yesterday at 12:54am · Like

Denise Lambdin Huddle Excuse me? What predicated this attack? I certainly love New York too, but what did I ever do to you? When I visited New York, a lady in Target asked me where I was from, and when I said Texas, she said Are you sure, you don't sound like you're from Texas? Nothing's perfect anywhere or all the time. Weird attack. Maybe you New Yorkers need more fiber in your diet.
Yesterday at 12:56am · Like · 3

Robbie L Loeb Harold it is, Enjoy!
Yesterday at 1:02am · Like

Robbie L Loeb Linda Odom...get out of there, quick! why didn't you tell me your governor's been hatin' on New Yorkers? lmao!
Yesterday at 1:03am · Like · 1

Michael James Williams Stop moving to Austin
Yesterday at 1:07am via mobile · Like

James C Canoy Lewis Black is never wrong!!!!! I'm an Okie and Texans hate Okies and I don't know why! Just because their not Texans I guess; but Oklahoma's government and people are exactly like Texas!!!!! They should love us!!! Our people are just as ass-backward as Texas!!!!!!
Yesterday at 1:12am · Like · 3

David Jette I'm a Texan(Fort Worth)and I love this.
Yesterday at 1:13am · Like · 3

Karen Rhoads @ Brian Sperduto: Spending a weekend in Texas doesn't count. I've lived here for almost all of my 48 years and I don't know ANYONE who supports Rick Perry or anything he stands for. I don't know who elected those Bozos in Austin, but I know who's gonna vote them out! As far as The Daily Show is concerned, between the George Zimmerman bullshit and this, I don't think I'll be watching anymore.
Yesterday at 1:21am · Like

Cozmo Holden Possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen on television. A great big THANK YOU to Lewis Black!!!
Yesterday at 1:23am · Like · 1

Chuck Brockmann TX to Ny Sniff our proverbial Bung Hole!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 1:24am · Like

Katy 'Pappas' Smith to Greg Mucha: Bush Sr is from Massachusetts and his wife Barbara is from NY City. so, no prevention of the Bush family, had Lincoln continued.
Yesterday at 1:24am · Like

Cindy Bellinger Denise Lambdin Huddle, this attack was predicated by the attacks that your governor has made on other states, including CA and NY, in radio ads that talk about how bad those states are and that businesses should leave there and move to Texas.
Yesterday at 1:26am · Like · 2

Cindy Bellinger To the people on the Daily Show, you should have included the earlier part of the piece that showed Rick Perry blasting the other states. The context would have made more sense.
Yesterday at 1:27am · Like · 1

Christopher Evans Im so glad I left that place...Texas the asshole of America. and don't get me started on the lousy drivers
Yesterday at 1:31am · Like · 2

Cainnum Hopkins wow guess im just an asshole for living in texas huh?
Yesterday at 1:36am · Like · 1

Kevin C. Attaway Lewis Black, your piece on July 17 was AWESOME! Keep on keeping on, brother!
Yesterday at 1:38am · Like · 3

Carolyn Chang Lewis Black made a strong POINT tonight! Loved it!
Yesterday at 1:40am · Like · 2

Dave Caulkins This is Lewis is king.
Yesterday at 1:41am via mobile · Like · 1

Barb Paoletti I say...Let's sell Texas back to Mexico!!! Yee Haw! Leave Illinois alone you stupid douchbag, Perry!
Yesterday at 1:42am · Like · 2

Rad Yeske As a Texan can I just say I love New York! But while being a Texan is WAY OVER RATED living in Houston is not so bad.

Oh and I love Lewis Black!
Yesterday at 1:43am via mobile · Like · 2

Mara Zahnle Someone had to say it!
Yesterday at 1:44am · Like · 1

Dave Bishea I'm a Texan and I endorse this message.
Yesterday at 1:45am · Like · 7

Ryan Greene Love Lewis Black
Yesterday at 1:50am via mobile · Like · 1

Greg Santucci Awesome!!!
Yesterday at 2:08am via mobile · Like · 1

Gorazd Bau ...just get rid of that douche Bloomberg and you'll be on to something
Yesterday at 2:12am · Like

Maribeth Kalinich mInq
Yesterday at 2:19am · Like

Kyle Norton Those who hate on Texas are just jealous... we're used to it.
Yesterday at 2:22am · Like · 3

Dave Caulkins What's wrong with Texas?
1. Some of the worst air in the nation.
2. Wants to drill next to homes, rivers, creeks, schools.
3. Can't afford to give money to schools.
4. Top 5 in the nation for horrid traffic.
5. Water supply is dwindling faster than you can frac a well.
6. You can trade tampons for guns (probably).
7. Socially retarded acts of bravado. Lack of self awareness.
8. Leading state of hate groups.
9. Mexican border state.
10. Texas as a state ranks in the top 5 of all states for all major
11. Poor education
12. Highest amount of unwanted teen pregnancy.
13. High obesity rate - must be the dependence on mexican food, bbq.
14. Rated one of the 'least livable' of all states in 2008.
15. Beaches are contaminated.
16. Crime is everywhere.
17. Cameron Todd Willingham
18. George W. Bush
19. Rick Perry
20. Honors the KKK
21. Won't hire illegal immigrants unless they're maids.
22. Percentage of kids live in poverty.
23. 21% of high schoolers fail to graduate.
24. Worst health care in the nation.
25. Don McLeroy
26. Alaska is bigger
27. Ranks 46th for math SAT scores, 49th verbal SAT scores, and dead last for percentage of people over 25 with high school diplomas or equivalent.

See...your state sucks too. So shit the fuck up.
Yesterday at 2:22am via mobile · Like · 11

Dave Caulkins "Shut"
Yesterday at 2:23am via mobile · Like

Cosmo Toy I think "shit" works here.
Yesterday at 2:52am · Like · 3

Bruce Eidelberg New Yorkers jealous of Texas? .... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 3:03am · Like · 5

Jorge Peña “You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas”
― David Crockett
Yesterday at 3:10am via mobile · Like · 1

Morten Anton Bach Sjøgren Dafuq, Sushi on pizza?
Yesterday at 3:17am · Like

Bo Andersen Never been to Texas, only ever been in New York and fuck that too
Yesterday at 3:18am · Like · 1

Randy Quok That was funny.
Yesterday at 3:21am · Like · 1

Liz Stewart As a Texan, I fucking love this! Hilarious!
Yesterday at 3:30am via mobile · Like · 2

Lance-Katya Jordan Years of us being Texans, and now you say something. What happen to the New York min. You fu€king, fu$ks. That was paid for, by Texans that like New York. Oh yea, did I say go fu#k yourselfs. 94 ROCKETS!!!
Yesterday at 3:34am · Like

Lars Magnusson brilliant.... my landleute, ze germanz are missing though.
Yesterday at 3:43am · Like

Richard Van Ingram I'm a Texan. This is grand.
Yesterday at 3:45am · Like · 3

Ellen R Grotenstein Glass I've lived in Texas for the last 24 years, but was born and raised in NYC. This is hysterical! My Texas-born and raised kids and I couldn't stop laughing!
Yesterday at 4:15am · Like · 2

Nancy Livingstone Martin OMG! Hilarious Lewis! And oh so true
Yesterday at 4:23am · Like · 2

Nancy McPhillips Loved it...been to Texas once and New York City once and I have to say, fuck Texas, NYC rules
Yesterday at 5:01am · Like · 2

Sandra Sneden so cool!
Yesterday at 5:14am · Like · 1

Dennis Hursman Nothing wrong with Texas it is the Texans who are eft up.
Yesterday at 5:15am · Like · 4

Marc Newton Remember the Alamo? NEITHER do we! Fuck Texas....
Yesterday at 5:16am · Like · 4

Connor Vanecek I am from Texas, and I wish to apologize for Rick Perry. He is a loose cannon that does not speak for us and his job stealing ways are appalling and does nothing to help the nation. It sure as hell is not helping Texas either.
Yesterday at 5:28am · Like · 5

Leslie Ann This was aone of the beat segments ever! I taped it and it's funnier each time I watch it, especially the montage at the end. You are on a roll this week!!
Yesterday at 5:37am via mobile · Like · 2

Diana Smith Voisin "remember the Alamo? Neither do we. Fuck Texas!" - bam! That's how you do it, lol!
Yesterday at 5:42am via mobile · Like · 1

Gail Cormier Funnist thing I have seen in a long while.
Yesterday at 5:51am · Like · 2

Wesley Veach Awesome
Yesterday at 5:51am · Like

Jim Swearingen Would like to hear how Lewis feels about Kansas
Yesterday at 6:02am · Like

Paul Forieri Yes, but the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.
Yesterday at 6:15am via mobile · Like

David Ruiz Rachel Jeantel does an excellent Lewis Black impression!! Who knew??!
Yesterday at 6:19am via mobile · Like

Chisum Womack It's fine if everybody hates Texas. Just stay the hell out and leave us the hell alone. No need for any yankee wisdom down here. (And yes, Perry sucks. He's not Texas.)
Yesterday at 6:42am · Like · 4

Stephen Wilson I'm not from Texas but lmao at any New Yorker who thinks they have more liberty... I guess they don't watch the news very much.
Yesterday at 7:03am · Like · 1

Michael John Fierro-Numerologist There is more diversity and culture in one block of Manhattan then there is in the entire state of Texas. On the other hand, the yahoo/idiot numbers of The Lone Star State dwarf anything that NY can produce.
Yesterday at 7:21am · Like · 3

Don Alexander Yep, can't get sushi pizza in Texas. Damn. Hate that.
Yesterday at 7:23am · Like

Barbara Campbell Ha ha ha, New York smells like piss, the biggest urinal in the world. They can keep their stinking city, we don't want you nasty people here in Texas!!!
Yesterday at 7:24am · Like

Bonita Weaver I love NYC! I think the video is funny. I will state that Rick Perry is not Texas! Nor does he fully reflect the views and thoughts of all Texans. Rick Perry is a political embarrassment and is a buffoon on every possible human level. NYC has had their share of civil right violations and horrible politicians (Guilani? Remember him?). They shouldn't be so quick to point the finger.
Yesterday at 7:26am · Like · 2

Dan Staubus And how did that work out for Crockett, Jorge?
Yesterday at 7:35am via mobile · Like · 1

Jim Swearingen No problem staying the fuck out. Perry is 100% TEXASS
Yesterday at 7:37am · Like

Richard Cannon That's fucking funny!
Yesterday at 7:40am · Like

Chuck Anderson Fuck Ya'll, I'm from Texas!
Yesterday at 7:40am · Like

Douglas DeWitt lol
Yesterday at 7:52am · Like

Todd Kincaid I got an idea. Let's lump all of the people in an expansive geographical area into one cynical, knee-jerk, over-simplified caricature. Cause that elevates the discussion.
Yesterday at 7:54am · Like · 3

Catherine Altice I heart New Yorkers. They have the greatest sense of humor in the world! *Feeling all warm and fuzzy now.*
Yesterday at 8:01am · Like

John Sims Fuck NY. Smells like piss anyhow. And that's just the people.
Yesterday at 8:02am via mobile · Like

Stacie Clark Blewett This was funny. Some people need to lighten's comedy.
Yesterday at 8:03am via mobile · Like · 1

Laurel Matsudaira He might want to add North Carolina along side of Texas.
Yesterday at 8:03am · Like

Mark Iberg I love Austin...been here since 1980, almost long enough to be considered' texan'. It's a shame and a sham that anybody thinks Perry speaks for all of us. But this piece is hilarious...thanx, Louis! Oh Yea...and back attcha NYC and the skank you rode in on!
Yesterday at 8:04am · Like · 2

Aaron Josef Kelly Super toilet, you're a dick. As a sane American who just moved to Texas a year ago, I say fuck you. Stereotyping and profiling is a good way to make friends. No it isn't. Not really.
Yesterday at 8:19am · Like

Rob Morgan Mark Iberg: Until we stop electing assholes and idiots like Perry and Gohmert we can't piss, moan, and bitch about being judged by the rest of the country to be a bunch of inbred morons. We elected them, they DO speak for all of us...
Yesterday at 8:22am · Like · 3

Mark Klatt I was listening to an interview of the mayor of West Texas and they are still trying to get FEMA money for the fertilizer plant that blew up. Now Perry is going to try and demand it from them.
Yesterday at 8:34am · Like

Jennifer Guzman Robles I live in Texas, and I never voted for this moron of a governor.
Yesterday at 8:36am via mobile · Like · 1

Sharon Chamberlain Sorry that the show is sinking this low, not everyone in Texas is clueless, attacking Texas for its ignorant occupants is like me hating all of Florida for its really bad courts and lack of judgement.
Yesterday at 8:40am · Like · 1

Dianne Gorbach Best Lewis Black ever!!!
Yesterday at 8:46am · Like · 1

John Baker I think some uptight people need context.

Rick Perry takes aim at New York - James Hohmann
Rick Perry stars in an ad out Wednesday that coincides with his swing across the...See More
Yesterday at 8:53am · Like

Michael Adler fuck Florida too!
Yesterday at 8:53am · Like · 4

Mark Ricard All you fans of Rick Perry, this one is you, special love from New York.
Yesterday at 9:13am · Like · 2

Brian Cotter Brilliant!!! I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg would think of this ad...
Yesterday at 9:42am · Like · 1

Mardelle Susman As a Texas resident, I found this one hilarious. Don't mess with Texas? Don't F with NY! Ha! Masterpiece.
Yesterday at 9:43am · Like · 1

Eric P. Metze As a lifelong native of Texas, I have to say that was pretty fucking awesome.
Yesterday at 9:45am · Like · 1

Rob Phillips As a former NY'er turned (grateful) Texan, I'd like to say that we in TX will remember this when that liberal, fascist nightmare of a state collapses into itself economically and all these finger-waving a-holes need a place to go.
Yesterday at 9:52am · Like

Linda Baetzel Szulczewski Absolutely made me roar! And since I pride myself on knowing a little bit in several languages, thanks for the extra education!
Yesterday at 9:55am · Like

Adam Ziegler I've somehow managed to lived here for 20+ years and found this video hilarious...and valid. Fuck this state.
Yesterday at 9:56am · Like · 3

Gene Potts Don't blame Texas, It is people like Perry and the right wing of the Republican Party that have screwed up that State as they have in others
Yesterday at 10:04am · Like · 3

Robert Niehay I'm a Texan. I saw Lewis Black perform at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth a few years ago, he was great. Remember, that all intelligent Texans (We exist.) dislike Rick Perry. (Governor Goodhair isn't worth the effort to hate) Are you a Texan? Do you like Rick Perry? Think about what I just said, moron.
Yesterday at 10:05am · Like · 4

Bettye Clement I know there are intelligent Texans. Please band together and defeat the Rick Perry's in your state.
Yesterday at 10:17am · Like · 1

Mason Carroll I was going to write a long message debunking people’s long list of ignorant “facts” and rants. Many of you clearly have a lot of hate and vitriol that you aim at a group of people that you’ve never met. Rather than lower myself to your ignorance I will simply say as a Texan, that I wish you all the best.
Yesterday at 10:19am · Like · 1

David Williamson Except, except, except...Austin.
Yesterday at 10:26am · Like

Chuck Myers I WAS going to lambast Texas, but I can see that Perry doesn't speak for all Texans. Sorry. "Neven mind"
Yesterday at 10:27am · Like · 2

Rob Branch Somebody had to say it, and who better than Black and New Yorkers?
Yesterday at 10:32am · Like · 1

Sean Gossett Show the finger to Perry, not Texas. Texans hate him too, he's making us look bad. Don't let his douchiness spark a flame war between us.
Yesterday at 10:34am · Like · 3

Tom Oczkowski Perry thinks that poaching companies from other states is creating jobs.Texas boasts about jobs, but ignores it's own when it comes to public education, public safety, and the will of it's people. Lewis Black was dead on when comparing the two states,
Yesterday at 10:35am · Like · 5

Bob Chaisson I lived in Texas for 10 yrs. and the way Texas has been behaving lately, we should give it back to Mexico.
Yesterday at 10:35am · Like · 5

Paula Williams Hilarious. Love Lewis, thanks for having him back! Great comedy!
Yesterday at 10:53am · Like · 1

Bennett Litwin Creating jobs for Americans isn't taking them from New York. I apologize for Texas lately. We've been putting our worst out to America. Some of us are thoughtful, questioning souls. Others know what everyone else should do with reproductive selves and Bibles.
Yesterday at 11:28am · Like · 3

Mitzi Freeman-Chandler Love Lewis Black!!
Yesterday at 11:43am · Like

Adam Klags Hell yeah!
Yesterday at 12:01pm · Like

Thomas Heywood Makes me think of something I saw recently. Not on BBC Iplayer yet sadly.

BBC Four - Rich Hall's You Can Go to Hell, I'm Going to Texas
Comedian Rich Hall goes to the Lone Star state in search of the real Texas.
Yesterday at 12:15pm · Like

Kevin Bourguet rick perry and michael bloomberg blow
Yesterday at 12:17pm · Like

Thomas Heywood Here it is:

You Can Go to Hell I'm Going to Texas
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Yesterday at 12:17pm · Like · 1

Bryce Walter Best Back In Black segment EVER!!!
23 hours ago · Like · 2

Brian Bellis Atta boy Lewis! You nailed it again.
23 hours ago · Like · 1

Bob Ray

Timeline Photos
We know how you feel, NY.
By: Bob Ray
23 hours ago · Like

Dillon E Coates New York is better...go fuck yourself Texas
23 hours ago · Like

Dianne McCarthy theres a lot of nice texans out there and i'm from the bronx. rick perry can definately go fuck himself, LOL!!!
22 hours ago · Like · 1

Rob Dornier Good, stay in New York. Texas doesn't want you anyway. New Yorkers like to pick fights. Texans don't pick fights, they win them.
22 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

Brandon Jackson As a Texan I think we just like new Yorkers hate rick perry so can we change it from fuck texas to fuck rick perry.
22 hours ago · Like · 8

Tim Miller It's far from limited to Rick Perry. Texas' #1 export is pieces of shit.
20 hours ago · Like

Cody Dickerson Rick is gone...thank god...but all of you hate on my home state...suck my ass
20 hours ago · Like

Alan Kahn Don't blame the whole state for one persons point of view or comments. Plenty of other states have political boneheads also, yet people keep electing them. Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer come to mind. Thanks for them, NY.
20 hours ago · Like

Sol Ohman Just one person? HAHAHAHA - Dewhurst, Stockman, Burgess, Laubenberg, Bush(thanks for that last one Texas, I mean really...) - it's a fucking parade of idiots out there. Perry leaving = 1 down, hundred more morons to go.
20 hours ago · Like · 1

Denise Veselka oh c'mon...that was funny. i'm from Texas & i couldn't stop laughing...lighten up folks
20 hours ago · Like · 3

Johanna Bloomer Laite If the whole state could be like Houston, everything would be fine.
19 hours ago · Like

Melanie Olshefski Love this, but right now I'm pretty much feeling it for F*#@! ing FLORIDA!
19 hours ago · Like · 2

Doug Hanson I love Austin but I think it is time to start calling Texas the brown star state
19 hours ago · Like · 2

Kitty Godwin Please don't blame all of us for Rick Perry. I agree with most of what Lewish Black said, except that the "Don't Mess With Texas" slogan began as an anti-litter campaign. Too bad both sides have bastardised it.
18 hours ago · Like · 2

Mark Hasslinger Why do Texan's wear cowboy boots?
to put the back legs of the sheep in.

Why do cowboy boots have pointed toes?
So they can kill cockroaches in the corners.

What's the State bird of Texas?
A cockroach.
17 hours ago · Like

Steph Gerard "God didn't give us enough middle fingers." Marilyn Manson
15 hours ago · Like

Coleen Davies The only actual Texan named was Perry.... I think you should all be smart enough to know he wasn't directing this at the citizens, but at the politicians! C'mon!! I live in Indiana, and there has been plenty of disparaging comments made about Hoosiers, but I don't take it personally! Don't be so sensitive!
14 hours ago · Like

Patrick Henry Hughes TEXAS SUCKS BALLS!
14 hours ago · Like

Brian Capelli i live in texas and i support this message
14 hours ago · Like · 1

Allen M Brooks Atta boy, Lewis! This is Adolph, back from a little sabbatical. I always hoped that the color black and killing innocent humans would come back in style. I know a thing or two about both. With a little government judicial endorsement, funding to the right lawmakers, and help from the media, we could take out six million or more. Oops! Your country is already WAY ahead of my numbers!! Where can I sign up? Thank God (lol) for reincarnation!
13 hours ago · Like

Gary Brown I really don't know who Lewis Black is and i'm sure he don't want to know who i am as well. But i'm just wondering why my New York friends would be siding up with this guy and popping the finger to the entire state of Texas. Last i remember the great State of Texas got riled up with the great state of New York together when some planes hit some buildings there. Where is this Lewis from? What state? Just wondering..
13 hours ago · Edited · Like

Edward Roberts Real Texans shouldnt be lumped in with Rick dumbass Perry. I love Lewis....but dont lump us all into what a dumbass says or does. You New Yorkers have some pretty confused people up there to pick on....
6 hours ago · Like

Lisa Flores Let Texas secede like they threatened to. Seriously Texas...GO! We're done "messin' with Texas". Have fun trying to get across that Texas-Berlin style border wall you erected. You should have known walls keep people IN as well as OUT. Now GO...please! git out!
5 hours ago · Like

Donna Hittel If I recall correctly, it was a completely male group of Texans who decided for every female in Texas that she has no rights over her own body. If Mr. Roberts doesn't wish to be lumped in with those dead heads, then he should probably move to a more civilized place.
4 hours ago · Like

Dustin Gann Texas, were we kill murderers instead of babies.
3 hours ago via mobile · Like

Dustin Gann Yeah, a civilized place, where we suck babies out of wombs like property.
3 hours ago via mobile · Like

Jan Barkby Black's segment was hilarious and so very true.
3 hours ago · Like

Randy Meyers LB-I get the place your coming from. NY is a proud city and they stand alone as the toughest group of folks on the fucking planet. Texas is a proud state, and I feel that you have seen and felt some of that pride in person. As one of our Texas poets says, You may not be from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway- Lyle Lovett
2 hours ago · Like · 1

Kim Cooper um, did Lewis Black just start another civil war?!?
about an hour ago · Like

Dustin Gann That's all democrats do. Seriously, look at the history of division this presidency has caused

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