Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Alex Jones Flash Mob McDonald's at SXSW Protest

Alex Jones and team protest McDonald's at South by Southwest.  At 12:30pm on March 17 2015
Alex Jones and team launched a flash-mob protesting the use of GMO in Mcdonalds foods.
art provided by paul beck
Police ticket Alex Jones's team for using a megaphone. Anthony Gucciardi and Police discus how sxsw representatives wanted them arrested for trespassing.

Infowariors descend on SXSW McDonald's and spread the word on McDonald's food made from plastic. Alex Jones calls the food "free slop".  Joe Bigs has become Donald McRonald, Ronald McDonald's brother who spreads truth and knowledge. Here are couple of Donald's quotes "I'm not lovin' it". "Your eating a boob job".

McDonald's SXSW
According to the NYTIMES.com " McDonald’s, a first-time SXSW sponsor, initially offered musicians only burgers and fries to play in its “lounge.” After an online backlash, it agreed to compensate the entertainment."

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Infowars.com reporter Anthony Gucciardi ask McDonald’s employees what ingredients were in their McNuggets and was removed by security. from infowars.com

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