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10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax from Paul Joseph Watson

another interesting read from infowars. Paul Joseph Watsonwhat a game.  i hope the light of truth shines forth.

10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax
Merely a week after President Obama announced the  death of Osama Bin Laden, there is literally a deluge of evidence that clearly  indicates the whole episode has been manufactured for political gain and to  return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration so that they  can be easily manipulated in the run up to the 2012 election. Here are ten facts  that prove the Bin Laden fable is a contrived hoax….
1) Before last Sunday’s raid, every  intelligence analyst, geopolitical commentator or head of state worth their salt  was on record as stating that Osama Bin Laden was already dead, and that he  probably died many years ago, from veteran CIA officer Robert Baer, to former  Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, to former FBI head of counterterrorism  Dale Watson. In addition, back in 2002 Alex  Jones was told directly by two separate high level sources that Bin Laden  was already dead and that his death would be announced at the most politically  opportune moment. Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who  held numerous different influential positions under five different Presidents,  serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under the Nixon, Ford and  Carter, told  the Alex Jones Show last week that Bin Laden died of marfan syndrome shortly  after he was visited by CIA  physicians at the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001.
2) The official narrative of how the raid unfolded  completely  collapsed within days of its announcement. First there had been a 40 minute  shootout, then there was no shootout and just one man was armed, first Bin Laden  was armed then he was not, first Bin Laden used his wife as a human shield and  then he did not. First the compound was described as a “$1 million dollar  mansion” then it turned out to be a rubbish-strewn dilapidated compound that was  worth less than a quarter of that. Almost every single aspect of the official  narrative has changed since Obama first described the raid last Sunday as the  White House struggles to keep its story straight.
3) The alleged body of Bin Laden was hastily  dumped in the sea to prevent any proper procedure of identification. The White  House claimed this was in accordance with normal Islamic burial rituals, however  numerous Muslim scholars all over the globe disputed this claim, pointing  out that Muslims can only be buried at sea if they die at sea. While the White  House claimed that Bin Laden’s death on May 1st was proven by DNA and facial  recognition evidence, such proof was never released for public scrutiny and the  Obama administration refused to release photos of Bin Laden’s dead body,  suggesting a cover-up.
4) Despite the fact that the White House released  “situation room” photos which purported to show Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton,  Joe Biden and the rest of Obama’s security staff watching the raid which killed  Bin Laden live, it was later  admitted by CIA director Leon Panetta that Obama could not have seen the  raid because the live feed was cut off before the Navy SEALS entered the  compound. The photos were described by many as having “historical significance,”  forming a “captivating” record of Obama’s greatest success and being the “defining  moment” of his Presidency. One image showed Hillary Clinton with her hand  over her mouth as if witnessing an anxious or crucial moment in the raid. Media  reports at the time claimed that the photos represented the moment when “The  leader of the free world saw the terror chief shot in the left eye.” However, the  photos were staged as a PR stunt for public consumption, nobody in the  photos ever saw Bin Laden killed live, nor did they see the Navy SEALS even  enter the compound.
5) As even mainstream journalists began to cast  suspicion on the official narrative behind the raid, the media reported that  Al-Qaeda itself had confirmed every detail of Obama’s address the the nation.  However, the conduit for such a claim was in fact an organization called SITE,  which is a notorious  Pentagon propaganda front run by the daughter of an Israeli spy that has been  caught on numerous occasions releasing fake cartoonish “Al-Qaeda” videos at  the most politically expedient times for both the Bush and Obama  administrations. The SITE organization is nothing more than a contractor for the  U.S. government, receiving some $500,000 a year annually from Uncle Sam, and yet  the corporate media instantly swallowed and regurgitated the claim that  “Al-Qaeda” had confirmed the official story after SITE directed them to an  anonymous posting on an Islamic website.
6) Almost  every single neighbor that lived near the alleged Bin Laden compound in  Abbottabad that was interviewed by news reporters said with absolute certainty  that they had never seen Bin Laden and that they knew of no evidence whatsoever  to suggest he lived there. Since the town is a staging ground for the Pakistani  military, which has a training facility situated virtually a stone’s throw away  from the alleged Bin Laden compound, residents were required to show ID when  they moved into the area. Pakistani troops and anti-terror police in the town  refused to confirm that Bin Laden had lived in the house. Barack Obama himself  admitted to 60 Minutes that the White House was only 55/45 sure that Osama lived  there before the raid and this uncertainty prompted concerns that the US Navy  SEALS sent in could have targeted a “prince from Dubai” or some other individual  that was not Bin Laden.
7) The videos released by the White House this  past weekend which purport to show Osama Bin Laden making Al-Qaeda tapes in  October-November 2010 are almost  identical to footage first released by Pentagon front group SITE nearly four  years ago. Remember, a  May 2010 Washington Post story reported how the CIA had admitted to making fake  Bin Laden videos. Despite the White House’s insistence that the footage of  Bin Laden is recent, he looks  younger and healthier than tapes released almost a decade ago, having  apparently dyed his beard black. A separate video that purports to show Bin  Laden in his compound flicking through satellite TV channels depicts a much  older looking man with a gray beard. Analysts have  pointed out that the man has different shaped ears to real Osama pictures  from back in 2001. A  doctor has also pointed out the fact that the man in the tapes released  Saturday has no problem moving his left arm, whereas video from 2001 clearly  illustrates how Bin Laden was unable to move his left upper extremity because of  a permanent injury probably related to damage to the peripheral nerves. Why the  cameraman would film the back of Bin Laden’s head as he watches television is  also dubious. Residents in the town of Abbottabad claim the man in the  “television” video is not Osama, with one individual claiming that the man  labeled by the White House as being Bin Laden is actually his neighbor, a man  named Akhbar Han.
 Despite the fact that numerous neo-cons came  out on the days after the alleged raid to erroneously  assert that torturing terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay led to the discovery  of Bin Laden, Osama himself, the  supposed world’s most wanted terrorist and a treasure trove of terror  information, despite the fact that he was unarmed, was not taken in for  questioning, he was instantly shot in the head according to the official  narrative.
9) The US government has been caught on several  occasions within the past decade staging military operations for the purposes of  generating contrived, pro-war sentiment amongst the American public. Both  the “rescue” of Jessica Lynch and the death of Pat Tillman were complete  fables, scripted and staged at complete odds with the truth and unleashed on  Americans as part of a psychological warfare offensive to elicit support for the  war on terror, almost identical to what we’re seeing now with the Bin Laden  sideshow. Given the fact that the US government has been caught red-handed  scripting tales of pure fiction in order to justify the war on terror, notably  in the cases of Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, why on earth should we believe  them now?
10) Despite the fact that Obama announced last  Sunday on live television that the world was now “safer” because Bin Laden was  dead, his administration, with the aid of the fearmongering mass media, instantly  seized upon the situation to terrify Americans into being afraid of imminent  “reprisal” terror attacks inside the United States, later claiming that Bin  Laden had formulated an “aspirational rather than operational” plan to derail US  trains that travel over 500mph, although no trains in the US can actually travel  at such speeds. This led “terror experts” to salivate over how TSA  agents were now needed in shopping malls to stick their hands down  Americans’ pants, while New York Senator Chuckie Schumer called  for the no fly list to be expanded to trains and subways. Obama hurried  to ground zero for a photo op as he desperately tried to use the Bin Laden  hoax to whip up phony patriotism as a means of boosting his flagging poll  numbers. Others, like  Democrat Bill Richardson, exploited the situation to try and push through  policies that had no connection to Bin Laden or terrorism at all, like cap and  trade. The haste with which the whole Bin Laden fable was exploited for  political points scoring and as a psychological ploy to return Americans to a  post-9/11 state of intellectual castration was painfully transparent, clearly  suggesting that the entire farce was planned well in advance to achieve  precisely those goals in the run up to 2012.

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