Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Police Shooting Austin Texas memorial day

Austin eastside not happy with the news.  May 30, 2011  night skies lit up as the scene unfolded.

Chief states officer was shooting at the drivers side of the car.  The officer was on the drivers side of the car.  The subjects injure one officer with a car.  The car with subjects flees the scene.  Shots fired.  A few blocks away the car is abandon with the deceased passenger whom was shot by the officer.  Driver wounded in arm tries to flee on foot is located several blocks from car.

We are just getting the reports on the incident.  Seems like the men were casing autos.  COPS found them in a car.  The men tried to run hitting one of the officers.  The other officer fired into the auto hitting both occupants killing one wounding the other.

How's your hood?

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