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Paul Beck sxsw 2013 Molotov, Radiohead, Atoms for Peace

interview by Owen Bay
Owen Bay: Molotov is coming to SXSW 2013, this must bring back good memories.

Paul Beck: Yes, we worked together on two videos.  One, Frijolero received a Latin Grammy and the Latin MTV Video of the Year.  The other Hit Me was nominated in the same categories the following

"SXSW is now like going to the mall drunk." Paul Beck

Owen Bay: So far what has been your favorite video with Molotov?

 Paul Beck: Working with Molotov for the video Hit Me is one of my favorites. The video is a mini documentary combining street art, protest, and political posters with animation.  Police, street people and the sniping of monuments to Mc Donalds, it is all real.  Yeah working with Jaunes and the Black Eyed Peas was probably high on the global star level but the Molotov Hit Me video rocks.  One time I thought we were toast, apparently around 3am there was a shooting in one of the areas we where sniping and the Mexican police swarmed in.  Not a good time to fit the description.  All I could picture is me covered in wheat paste sitting in a Mexican jail a gringo piƱata. No bueno.

Video: Hit Me, Molotov Paul Beck

 Owen Bay: There was talk in the Austin film community that Radiohead and you were going to create an animated film.

Paul Beck:  Yes, at one point we were in the process of creating a project.

 Owen Bay: Can you elaborate on what the project was?

Paul Beck: Will we had been featured on The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth.  After that we were asked to pitch some animated film ideas.

I came up with Successful Living In The Melt Down We Call The Future.  Successful Living was picked to develop.  The basic concept behind Successful Living was to create an animated story dealing with the slowly developing corporate police state and environmental mess the globe is slowly slipping into.

Within this total surveilled society we would follow a few characters as they stumble through media manipulation, mutation and other feel good flops sold as to solve your problems.

Two of my characters where inspired by Desert Storm.  I watched Shock and Awe as it played out on cable T.V. I felt this mission statement was directed at the viewers.  We were being taught what could come are way if we do not go along with the program. 

Shock and Awe basically became two characters I created.  The character Shock was in a perpetual state of shock.  He saw behind the curtain.  I designed his eyes to have the thousand-mile stare and his mouth to be slightly open with barely an expression.  Shock new too much. 
Awe was designed to be a gullible goof in awe of whatever you flashed in front of his face.  Awe was the type to camp out to be first at the Christmas sale.  

Shock and Awe maybe they will be with us soon.

Owen Bay:
Paul Beck and Shock SXSW 2013? 
Paul Beck  SXSW 2013 Shock  paul beck© Paul Beck
Shock created by Paul Beck

 polar shock south congress Paul Beck

Paul Beck: What?  anyway we stuck Shock's head around town to start creating underground hype and what not.

Owen Bay: Why did the project not proceed?

Paul Beck: Well, to the best I can understand, the time it took to find funding and the right outlets for the content was longer then expected.  Thom Yorke had moved on to other projects.  I believe this was when he started Atoms for Peace so his head was in another place.  Flea the dude from Busta Move video is also in Atoms for Peace.  Flea is most likely the best bass player out there.

Owen Bay: Is it true Atoms for Peace are playing a secret show at SXSW 2013?

Paul Beck: I have know idea.  But their Album, CD whatever they call it these days just came out.  Maybe, Atoms for Peace and Justin Timberlake secret SXSW show since Thom Yorke and Justin Timberlake and Angry Cat like to dance. "We are a Sad Band", "Atoms For Peace" Angry Cat.  do the math.

Owen Bay:  You have also worked with Austin's own The Calm Blue Sea and Panjoma.  Are they involved with SXSW?

Paul Beck: I know there label Modern Outsider is holding events.  I plan on checking that out.

Video by Paul Beck, The Calm Blue: Sea Literal

Paul Beck:  And I believe Panjoma is playing at a couple events downtown.  Panjoma allowed me to experiment with some new animation techniques.  Thanks Panjoma for letting an artist play and learn.  Watch the video and melt into your reality.

Transmit Invocation
Animation by Paul Beck. Music by Panjoma.

Owen Bay: Have you been working on future projects?

Paul Beck:  Well,  A Thousand Pound Bomb has been shown in several festivals over seas and what not,   So we may be developing with elements from that project.  That's all I got to say on that front.  I am always tinkering on something, art, animation, music,  and lawn darts.

A Thousand Pound Bomb, created by Paul Beck
Paul Beck

Bird  Watching created by Paul Beck
Paul Beck 

Owen Bay: What do recommend for SXSW 2013

Paul Beck: Well things have changed over the years,  SXSW is now like going to the mall drunk.  I use to see crazy shows at Trophy's.  But now that is closed.  Always check out bands from Japan,  over the top rock.  Flaming Lips is on the list.  Then just wonder the streets checking out the freaks. Angry CAt
Also follow Marc Savlov of the Austin Chronicle,  Marc Savlov always finds the cool underground events of SXSW.  Don't look for Paul Bearer or Hugo Chavez.  But North Korea's Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman are rumored to party like a preemptive nuclear attack...Rand Paul may Filibuster Drones at SXSW 2013 it's a new panel.

Owen Bay:  Thanks Paul.

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