Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GrayDuck gallery 5k middle class girly show

 by Owen Bay
what up home slice?
Kaci Beeler, Kristin Hogan, Katy Horan, Katy O’Conner & Katie Rose Pipkin are the 5K
Guest Curator - Wayne Alan Brenner

Well yes these ladies are talented.  No one can argue that.  Guest Curator Wayne Alan Brenner statement states: "the visual experience, of everyone's runaway lives..." .  Not sure I follow this statement.  What is "runaway lives"  when the artists seemed to be normal middle class artists depicting what you would expect from middle class talented artists.  Has middle class become the new "runaway lives"?

let them eat cake.  upper crust professional
 Kaci Beeler
Carrot Cake from the Upper Crust Bakery
Oil on Canvas
24” x 24”

collect them all.  sucked into cuteness
Kristin Hogan
Fabric, thread & polyfil
36” x 13”

OK. niece work.  Creepy cool

Katy Horan
Gouache, tissue paper and pencil on paper
10” x 12”

  i have an english degree,  would you like cheese with your sandwich
Katy O’Conner
Colored pencil on paper
14” x 17”

The artists works are definitely highly skilled and worth viewing.  Nice technique.  Just not sure of the Curator's theme.  Women artists I like would fit better.

how's this for runaway life:

"image from Rohingya IDP camps,  art-therapy session hosted by a visiting humanitarian volunteer, in which children were encouraged to draw their memories of last year’s violence using colored pens and paper. Many of their drawings depicted members of the Burmese government’s Hlun Tin paramilitary outfit shooting at people outside of burning homes. One child, explaining what she drew in a particularly affecting piece, mentioned calmly that she had seen the severed head of a mentally disabled boy she once knew lying by the bank of a river. Another said that she saw a Rakhine man smash a woman's skull in until some of her brains spilled out". excerpt from  Emanuel Stoakes Burma's Rohingya Ghettos Broke My Heart

grayduck gallery

Kaci Beeler, Kristin Hogan, Katy Horan, Katy O’Conner & Katie Rose Pipkin are the 5K

Guest Curator - Wayne Alan Brenner “There's no race to the finish line here, not really, because art – like life – is more about the journey itself. And these five artists offer an array of delights from their own journeys to improve the mindscape, the visual experience, of everyone's runaway lives: Kaci Beeler's realistic oil-on-canvas renderings of desserts from local culinary hotspots; Katie Rose Pipkin's detailed pen-and-ink illustrations of fables renowned or obscure; Katy Horan's delicate and eerie lacework portraits; Katy O'Connor's brightly colored splashes of everyday existence; Kristin Hogan's fanciful 3-D fabrications of Our Cephalopod Friends … These are creations worth running to see, a curated rush of diverse wonders from five Austin-based "K"s of our very human race.
– Wayne Alan Brenner

608-C W. Monroe, 826-5334



  1. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/guystagg/100056840/why-are-artists-afraid-of-being-middle-class/

  2. @katyo By middle class, I mean well trained, properly schooled. The artist are talented. Just not sure of the "run away lives".
    Thank you for the link. Not sure why that woman is afraid of her up bringing. Thank you for reading my post.

  3. pretty sure brenner just picked 5 people whose name started with k, and was punning on 5k's. like races. you know.