Sunday, April 7, 2013

It is On: Anonymous launches massive cyber assault

#OpIsrael: Anonymous launches massive cyber assault

Statistics of the electronic attack so far :

20000 facebook account were hacked
5000 twitter account were hacked
30,000 bank account in Israeli banks were hacked
Stock exchange website was hacked
Mossad website was hacked
Education ministry website was hacked
Security and Israeli intelligence website was hacked
And more than 400 other "Israeli" website were hacked

10000 hackers from: Palestine, Egypt, Syria, US, KSA, Tunisia, South Africa, Algeria, Lebanon, Malaysia, Iran, morocco and France participated in the attack

"Israel" asked the help of France and USA, were shortly after they stated that they failed in protecting the "Israeli" sites and accounts.

Different messages from the Hackers were posted on the "Israeli" sites, as:
إن كـان الإسـرائيليـيـن يمتـلـكون طائـرات حربيـة ..!
אם מטוסי קרב ישראליים יש .!
If the Israelis had war planes!
فإن الفلسطينييـن يمتلكـون عقـول إلكـتـرونيـة ..!
לפלסטינים יש מוחות אלקטרוניים .!
The Palestinians have electronic minds!

To the government of Israel: Welcome to the Hackintifada
الى حكومة اسرائيل : اهلا بكم في انتفاضة الهاكرز

Some others posted photos of the Palestinian hunger-striker in the Israeli prisoners for almost 9 months " Samer Issawi ", and the Palestinian martyrs in the Latest week as Maysara Abu Hamiday.

Souses / Anonymous and other International and Arab news websites -Update From Gaza ( Noor Harazeen )

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