Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indio Billboard Beer Contest Winners and "Loser"

by Owen Bay

I found this Indio beer art contest entry entertaining.  Austin Texas artist Paul Beck puts a clown it.  With the plethora of contest for artist to do there art thing and for companies to get quality work for cheap, one artist uses the arena to spread his subversive message.  "Politics in America comes across as a badly outfitted two teamed football club with fans who wont drop the them when they stink." Paul Beck.  So Beck has decided to take his message to the mass via internet crowd sourcing contest events.

"Some of these contest allow audience to "like" there favorite which in affect is advertising. " So why not send your message on top of their message." states Paul Beck.  "Most likely your going to lose but so what.  You get to piggy back on their ad."  Paul Beck also knows that art is subjective and odds are against you winning s why not.

Work by Paul Beck "Federal Governmental Loser"

Indio Beer Billboard Winners
Muchas felicidades a todos los Indio Billboard Gallery winners! Hard work does indeed pay off. Right? Thank you so much for being part of this experience. #DoYourThing #IndioGallery

- Arturo Ríos Mercado (Fresno, CA) – GRAND PRIZE
- Jose Luis Padilla (Dallas, TX)
- Ignacio Luera (Hutto, TX)
- Jose Luis Piña (Chicago, IL)
- Craig Carter (Houston, TX)
- Martin Nasim (Carlsbad, CA)
- Ricardo Benavides (Austin, TX)
- Saul Blanco (Los Angeles, CA)
- Benjy Jay (Saint Charles, IL)

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  1. I actually randomly was a winner in this competition! I threw together a collage in an afternoon utilizing some new watercolor techniques I had learned. A fun experience to be sure as it sounds like my art will be on a billboard which I am excited to see as that is one of my dreams as an artist and one which I have yet to attain. I always thought the first billboard would be far less legal, per se- Alas, I like your clown art a lot! The juxtaposition of styles reminds me of the Basquiat and Warhol collabs which I absolutely love.

    Alas, hope you have a great Sunday!

    Benjy Jay