Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thor Lund drops out of UT, takes up piano, plans for three books, has two psychologists, claims to be a wildcard, a certified manic, volunteer at local food bank

Thor Lund "What I've Learned About Women" fame, has left the University Texas to follow his heart or find it.  The Thor plans to pray, say the rosary nightly, write three books, run marathons, date women who can handle the self proclaimed wildcard certified manic. and so much more.

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from Thor Lund's blog:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 12: Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?

Before I turn on the "hilarious asshole" personality the Daily Texan (or perhaps I) created for me, let me say that I have left my personal sin city (Austin), I attend daily mass, I pray the rosary nightly, and I will be volunteering at the local food bank three times a week so that I can remember all the blessings I have in my life and that there are others not as fortunate as I am.

Anyway, without further ADO,

lots has happened since my last post. Although not a complete list, here are the highlights:

-My blog has been read by 40,000 people 
-I am now a ""international talking point for feminism and male privilege", "an internet laughing stock", and an "international bad boy" as well as many other not nice names that people have given me. 

-I've made* over $10,000 

-I have multiple offers from websites to write weekly columns for them 

-I have left Austin to travel the country and return to my roots and remember what it was that made me the nice boy I was when I arrived at college 

-I am taking up piano again 

-I have no car, and my phone access is very limited 

-I now have two psychologists and a psychiatrist 

-I know what I want to do with my life 

-I have plans for three different books, despite how horrible everyone on the internet seems to think my writing and grammar is. 

-I ran my first half-marathon 

-I ran my first 20 mile run 

-I am attending daily mass 

-I have reconciled with lots of women who have hurt me in the past, because they actually still care about me despite my "hilariously sexist" blog post. Apparently making international headlines also means the girl you once loved will text you and ask what is wrong with you. I figured I had nothing left to lose so I was very honest with her. I told her everything I wanted to tell her many years ago. I told her my most burning questions about why she acted like she did. For once in my life I was 100% honest and open with how I felt about our relationship with both myself and her. To my surprise she actually responded very well. She told me she had no idea I felt that way. She told me what she thought about me when I was that age and what was going through her head. It was very eye opening. She is upset that instead of confronting her, I went crazy and blogged to the whole world about my inner pain. However, she is actually the perfect woman and said I can work on convincing her that somewhere deep down inside me that nerdy nice boy that she used to like still exists. I can not tell you how great it feels to let go of a pain and anger you have held on to for so many years of your life. If you hold a paperclip with your arm extended for thirty seconds it is no problem, but if you hold that paper clip in your extended arm for multiple years you are going to lose your arm because It will fall off from exhaustion. The same is true of your hurt, your envy, and the injustices you have felt. That is why we forgive. I finally had the courage to let her know how much she hurt me. For the first time I forgave myself. And it felt amazing.  

*made is an interesting word because it is not technically in my bank account, but it has passed through me as an expense for something I am very passionate about

Many people have reached out to show their support and let me know to keep my head up. You have no idea how great that feels. I especially love the people who send their favorite scriptures for times of tribulation. It feels amazing to know that even when you screw up you have a very large handful of friends and family who (that? where are the grammar police when you need them?) will still support and love you.

Lots of people have also asked for me to do interviews. At this time I am declining all media requests, but in the coming weeks you can bet I will be back in the headlines. Houston Chronicle gets first dibs because the reporter is very nice and I like the way she reached out to me. 

I am pretty tired of the whole thing, and judging from the views on my blog, more and more people are starting to care less about what a 22 year old college student thinks about women. However, I would like to address one group of people.

For all the people who claim I will never date again, joke is on you. Here is a news flash for all of you who don't get it. (This is a generalization, my personal opinion, and does not apply to every single woman on Earth) Most girls like guys who(that?) are a project. What do I mean by that? If a woman can turn the "international bad boy" in to a loving caring and nice nerd boy again she is going to feel on top of the world. Sorry ladies, not going to happen because I am a wildcard and a certified manic. You are more than welcome to try. However, I have standards now and you have to be vegan, pre or post med school, or a model if you want me to take any interest in you. If you don't like it, stop being a carnivore. Sorry, not sorry.

Also, lots of people are like "Thor, stay off social media, keep your mouth shut, stop gloating about your vegan life and running accomplishments." To which I say, "shhhhhh"

Find me some other people who went from never running to a 20 mile run in six days and I will shut my mouth. Until then, I am going to talk about it all day long. In fact, I am writing a book, it is called "Zero to Hero in Six Days: how to run 20 miles in less than a week if you never have run ever" Good news for all my readers, it is basically going to just be my blog in print version. So you saw it here first.

The 20 mile run was a little bit of a bitch, but a beautiful one, so I didn't mind. Here are the highlights:

Mile 5.35 - I stop to buy some of those energy gummies

Mile 5.85 - I barf all over the sidewalk, note to self, don't eat too many gummies

Mile 7.31 - I run through sprinklers and it feels amazing

mile 7.85 - My dad tells me I am going to hurt myself and to return home. I tell him okay even though I have no intention of doing that.

Mile 13.11 - I am about dead, so I run in the CVS and purchase a Gatorade. It is unbelievable how much it helps, I turn into a new human

Mile 15.23 - I realize that my phone is going to die before I complete the entire marathon, this makes me very angry

Mile 17.55 - I actually go crazy, I remember what Tony Robbins says about changing your state. I start yelling, like a crazy person. I am cursing every human that I have ever known, including myself, I am yelling at the manic in me. I used every combination of curse words you can think of. Surprisingly, no one calls the police. Not surprisingly, I turn up as they say. The pain in my knees and feet goes away and as you can see from the graph below, my speed goes from baby mode to beast mode.

Mile 18.40 - I am out of coconut water now also so I stop in another CVS and buy another Gatorade. This one doesn't help as much, but keeps me from dying. 

Mile.18.85 I realize my phone is at 1%, I turn off spotify, pray to God that my feet don't fail me now, and that my phone makes it at least to 20 miles. 

Mile 19.55 - Phone still alive, I start to sprint. I am not letting this stop before I get to 20 miles

Mile 20.01 - yay I made it, about to throw up because I was sprinting, I save the workout

Right after that I text "pick me up" to my brother and Dad, but before I can finish the text about where I am the phone dies. So now I have to walk four miles home. Those four miles were honestly worse than the whole 20 mile run. My feet actually don't work anymore, my legs are aching, and I am all out of fluids. I have to stop multiple times because I can barely walk. I make it home, take a bath and fall asleep. My body is in so much pain though, I wake up at 2:30 am.... now it is 5:00 am and I am still awake...

I can't complain though, I wake up for the first time in a long time in a state of joy. Not a false sense of security because I am president or girls come home with me. True joy, the joy of waking up knowing that God is guiding you, there is a plan for the life of your dreams, and you have forgiven yourself and all the people who have ever wronged you. I am not manic. I am vegan. I love life and I have never been more blessed to be on earth surrounded by the people that truly love me.

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