Friday, August 24, 2012

Mr. Marcus, Aletta Ocean and a thing

LA porn industry has identified Mr. Marcus as the source of a recent outbreak of syphilis.

“My personal doctor doesn’t know what I do for a living,” Mr. Marcus told Adult Video News (AVN).
“So his thing was just don’t have any sex for 7-10 days. Once I did that shot I felt pretty confident. Every doctor I talked to up to that point said, ‘You get the shot. That’s it.’”

“I showed that my HIV was clear, my gonorrhea and chlamydia were fine,” he told AVN.
“You didn’t see the syphilis part of the test because of the way I showed it.”

Tuesday when porn star Aletta Ocean said that she contracted syphilis in Hungary while shooting a film, reported the Daily Mail.

 eight pornstars came down with the illness.

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