Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tarrytown neighborhood in West Austin Home Invasions

Tarrytown neighborhood in West Austin Texas.
from KXAN.

Burglars target Tarrytown homes

Break-ins taking place overnight

"It was terrifying," said victim Robyn Malloy, who was asleep along with her husband when their home was burglarized August 12. "My children were asleep upstairs in their bed as my husband and I were and that's just a huge violation."

"Not only was my car gone- but our phones were gone- both of our phones were gone," said Malloy. "At that point we realize- not only has someone stolen my car- but they've been in our home."
The Malloys were able to track their cell phones to a motel at 12th and I-35 and police found Robyn's SUV a couple of blocks away.
"We're scared- 2 nights later we found out it happened to one of my neighbors so obviously there is a rash of crime in this neighborhood that is very upsetting to all of us," said Malloy.

The burglaries took place between August 9 and August 15, but there have been no more reported since that date.  SHOULDN'T WE BE NOTIFIED SOONER.
Sierra Norman is another victim and was home alone when she said a man tried to break in to her parent's home just two blocks away from the Malloys.
"I was just sitting in the kitchen and then all of the sudden I hear a noise at the front door," Sierra recalls. "Then like 30 seconds later I hear the same noise at the back door. I got up and kind of walked around and looked out the front window and I saw a guy and he was like up against the window. I think he saw me and he kind of looked at me and then he ran."

"It certainly made me start turning my alarm on- because I haven't been turning it on but it was on last night and it'll be on tonight," said Forbis.
Her daughter-in-law, Christye is relieved to hear it.
"We were scared- even though she has an alarm- it was alarming that the burglar went in while people were home," said Christye Forbis.
One family, who did not want to be identified, told KXAN their door was kicked in while they were asleep in their home with their children. They have since added security cameras and additional lighting to their property, both things police recommend.
In addition, a number of vehicle burglaries have been reported near Greenlee Drive just west of Exposition Boulevard. It is unknown whether the vehicle burglaries and home burglaries are related.


Anyone with information regarding these cases is asked to call the APD Burglary Unit Tip Line at (512) 974-6941 or the Region 1 District Representatives at (512) 974-5340.

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