Friday, August 3, 2012

A Thousand Pound Bomb

We asked award winning Austin visual artist Paul Beck what he has been up too.
Well here is the update from the office of visual artist Paul Beck, South Austin Texas.

"Awhile back I made a video piece titled A Thousand Pound Bomb.  I have done more to the piece and I have recently set the video free".

The piece is about the never ending wars. The video is on a mini-world wide tour of sorts.
with the tag line "Winning hearts through body parts".

this curator quote about the video sums it up nicely:

"This video demyth the war combining Iraq, Siria and Walt Disney.
This work talks about constant revolution, about eternal media spectacl, where
humans are no longer people of flesh and meat, but they are just part of the
game, literally War & Game"  Natasha Kadin NGO Mavena , Zagreb Croatia

A Thousand Pound Bomb video has been shown at:
File ElectronicLanguage InternationalFestival Brazil
Sanctioned Array at White Box New York N.Y.
Revolution Now VN gallery Zagreb Croatia

and several other galleries and festivals

information and purchase of stills from the video at
or through his website at
A Thousand Pound Bomb:

"I have seen a thousands face and I bombed them all" Bomb Jovi

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