Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paul Beck and Zellner hit Manchester AND Festival

Two of Austin Texas's talented creatives, Paul Beck and The Zellner Brothers hit Manchester England in the festival department.

Paul Beck's animated short, A Thousand Pound Bomb explodes the never ending wars.  Animated characters change how we look at war.  Ominous music also created by Paul Beck adds to the sad carnival atmosphere of war and how it is reported. 
 A Thousand Pound Bomb. Paul Beck

The Zellner Brother's, Kid Thing is a romp. I laughed until tears blew out of my face.

Dir. David Zellner / US 2012 / 83 mins / In English / Cert 15
Starring: Sydney Aguirre, Susan Tyrell, Nathan Zellner, David Zellner
Ten year-old tearaway Annie spends her time making prank calls, shoplifting and hurling dough balls at passing cars, making Bart Simpson seem like an angel in comparison. Devoid of any firm parental guidance (two male guardians hurl fireworks indoors and pass out over cheap beers), she wreaks destruction throughout the neighborhood.
But her routine is broken when she hears an old woman calling from the bottom of an abandoned well, having fallen and in need of help. Untrusting of the unseen stranger, little Annie’s actions will have momentous consequences.
A hit at Sundance Film Festival.

“The revolution will be televised, digitised, analysed and theorised if this festival for ‘anarchists of the imagination’ is anything to go by.”
- The Guardian
Abandon Normal Devices (AND) is an energetic regional festival of new cinema, digital culture and art. The festival takes place annually in Liverpool and Manchester on alternate years, with an extended regional programme.
Our mission is to push the boundaries of audience experience through a programme that spills out of galleries and screens into the streets of the Northwest.
With a curatorial attitude of participation and innovation, AND has enabled collaborations across the UK’s pioneering digital, science, design and media sectors.

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