Wednesday, March 21, 2012

old Banksy news, Plagiarizes UPDATE

it appears Bansky great message was yanked from Tejaratchi's essay "Death, Phones, Scissors,"
really,  have you ever look at his teams art?

"The problem, as graphic designer and writer Sean Tejaratchi points out, is that the quote borrows heavily from Tejaratchi's essay "Death, Phones, Scissors," which was published in his Crap Hound zine back in 1999. While Banksy's first paragraph is original, the rest of his quote shows significant similarities to Tejaratchi's piece, including some direct repetition."
the story here:

UPDATE 2012 :
from :

Sean Tejaratchi, March 18, 2012

Taking The Piss: Conclusion

"Original post here.
Long story short: Banksy didn't steal from me. He didn't plagiarize that quote on advertising. Ten years ago, he was careless, the opposite of sneaky. What's more, I was also careless.
Here's what's become clear: Around 2002-2003, Banksy included my words in Cut It Out, a self-published collection of his drawings and stencils. Banksy shortened the end paragraphs of my essay and changed it from first- to second-person perspective (for example, "they never asked for my permission" became "they never asked for your permission.") He then added Crap Hound to a list of credits in the back of the book, along with other sources and photo credits."

there all better.

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