Monday, April 16, 2012

Las Vegas Party, General Services Administration and your money

General Services Administration, the real estate agency for federal buildings, spent some $823,000 for a conference in 2010 at a Las Vegas resort.

One employee bragged about the conference spending in a rap video and the video won a prize at the event _ of curse the event had a clown, a mind-reader and a team-building exercise to build bicycles.

 taxpayers picked up the tab.

Neely's Las Vegas hotel suite party is reportedly cost you $2,700 oh it was a employee-awards event, The Washington Post reported late Sunday.

 Neely wants quality.

The now-resigned GSA administrator, Martha Johnson, granted Neely a $9,000 bonus over the objection of Deputy Administrator Susan Brita.

party on Jeffery Neely

party on
Jeffrey Neely invoked his fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any questions in the committee's inquiry. 

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