Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lesbians Bunkhouse Bar Beating Weir, Texas

Lesbians Texas Bar Beaten Possible Hate Crime

Julie Ward says she and her friends were held and beaten for being lesbians (KVUE News image)
She told KVUE: “As we came outside into the parking lot, we were followed by the patrons of the bar and our arms were held back by women and we were beaten by men. A man told me if I was going to look like a man, I better be able to take a hit like a man, and I was punched in the face at that moment and hit the ground.” Ward continued: “We’re just people too. We’re normal people that wanted to be in a bar. We wanted to spend our money there. We wanted to play pool there and because of our sexuality we weren’t welcome.”  Julie Ward, her friend, and her sister suffered multiple scrapes, bruises, and cuts on their arms and legs from the beating. A bar spokeswoman says that “sexual preference” didn’t cause the attack.  In her version of the incident, the lesbians were “rough housing,” and were asked to leave. 
The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department investigating, if a hate crime was perpetrated, then the case will be treated as a bias crime at that time. No arrests in the beating have been announced.

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