Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man on Fire, Austin Texas Apartment

 Camden Huntingdon Apartments off Metric Boulevard at Lamplight Village Avenue in North Austin Tuesday night.  man catching fire around 9:30pm
911 calls: Neighbors reported hearing yelling from one of the apartments.
Firefighters were among the first to arrive finding a man whose body was smoking.
from: KVUE
Battalion Chief Palmer Buck with the Austin Fire Department says the victim, who’s about 30 years old, suffered second and third degree burns over his entire body. The victim was conscious at the time.
Paramedics rushed him to a North Austin hospital where STAR Flight picked him up and flew him to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He remains in grave condition according to Buck.
AFD detectives didn't get much time to talk with the victim, but they did question a woman in the same apartment unit. They also called out for Austin police. The case is now a joint investigation between AFD and the APD Homicide Unit.
Residents at the complex are shocked and looking for answers.
“It's usually very quiet. A lot of families with small children and their parents are hanging around, walking around the grounds typically. So I'm very surprised to hear that something like that happened,” said Michele Garza who lives in the complex. “I would want to know if the person who was attacked was attacked by somebody who was outside, not from this complex, or was it a domestic situation?”
Police haven’t identified a suspect, but the woman in the apartment is being questioned. It's unclear whether she is still in custody.
The victim's name hasn't been released. Police aren’t saying whether he lived at the apartment or whether he was visiting. Details about how he caught on fire haven’t been released, but foul play is suspected.

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