Monday, May 21, 2012

China now owns AMC theaters

Chinese company Wanda to own  AMC, the second-largest theater chain in the USA, increasing fears that the Chinese Communist Party is taking over.
346 screens to help spread the word?

“Beijing is investing heavily in projecting its “soft power,” or cultural influence, by boosting Chinese state media’s presence abroad, including the USA, where the Chinese government has also run advertisements in New York’s Times Square,” reports USA Today.

“We have no plan whatsoever to promote Chinese movies in the U.S. market,” said Wang Jianlin, Chairman and President of Wanda.
Billionaire Jianlin, the 15th richest person in China according to Forbes, is also a “Communist Party member, who sits on the nation’s top advisory council.”

"However, box office money from the Chinese market is already influencing movie industry titans in America to tone down negative portrayals of China itself." paul joseph watson

“Around the time MGM first delayed the release of Red Dawn, a Chinese newspaper called the Global Times expressed concerns that the film would demonize their state and its citizens (thanks in part to certain leaked images from the set). Evidently, this may have been a factor in scaring off potential distributors who were apprehensive about what effect their involvement with the film would have on future dealings with China,” writes Chris Schrader.

“As a result, the filmmakers now are digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from “Red Dawn,” substituting dialogue and altering the film to depict much of the invading force as being from North Korea, an isolated country where American media companies have no dollars at stake,” reported the L.A. Times.

propaganda for the new century.

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