Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook will Fail

facebook is now in the game.  your FB page now more then ever will be picked apart for information to sell to marketers.  it is now all about money.  the Facebook site will be covered with advertising targeted at you and your friends.  the advertising will guide your buying habits.  you will be in a circle of advertising campaigns.

the backlash will be the end of facebook.  i give it one year.

Shirt a Kid.
Buy one Skull Front t-shirt and Skull Front will give a shirt to a child in need.
"Kids need shirts" Skull Front.  New shirts make kid feel good and rocking a Skull Front shirt makes a kid, boy or girl take pride. Simple as That.

The Skull Front Rockers want to spread the message of freedom through rock and roll.

Skull Front overdrive T-shirts
Skull Front overdrive T-shirts by thepman
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Skull Front wants to teach the kids about freedom and the fight through rock and roll. have you  heard about the DHS is considering collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up, police state fema camps, floride in the water, gmo food, slavery, child labor, drones, sound cannon, if you have been listening to niki minaj or lil wayne probably not.

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