Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Ripped to find way home

 A UT staff member discovered a non-UT subject ripped out on the west exterior steps of OHH. During the shake down, the cop had a time getting the subject to wake up from his sleepy sleep. The officers detected a strong odor of hooch on the wasted dudes breath and noted other signs of being loaded. The subject attempted to contact a friend in jesus to take him home. The friend did not show up, not cool. A second friend was worried he was also going to be arrested for toasted. After two failed attempts to find a way home, the slob was taken into custody for bonk and transported to Central Booking. Once there the subject became upset he was in fact going to jail.  sad face.  A bird thought to be seen by the police but is was the drunk clown showing the man a personal view of his middle finger. Occurred on: 5-13-12, at 10:44 PM.

Shirt a Kid.
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The Skull Front Rockers want to spread the message of freedom through rock and roll.

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Skull Front wants to teach the kids about freedom and the fight through rock and roll. have you  heard about the DHS is considering collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up, police state fema camps, floride in the water, gmo food, slavery, child labor, drones, sound cannon, if you have been listening to niki minaj or lil wayne probably not.

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