Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drone Shot Down by Hero

Charles Krauthammer’s observation that the first person to shoot down a surveillance drone on U.S. soil will be a “folk hero,”

protesting drones over the US.

from alex jones infowars.com "Congress recently passed legislation paving the way for what the FAA predicts will be somewhere in the region of 30,000 drones in operation in US skies by 2020. Privacy advocates have warned that the FAA has not acted to establish any safeguards whatsoever, and that lawmakers are not holding the agency to account."

fun times:

the comments from infowar.com are great.  check some out:
  1. dbrn says:
    Isn’t shooting one down a little extreme? I mean, I’d like to shoot one down if I knew it was spying on my property, but that seems too extreme. How do you know it’s not on it’s way somewhere else? I mean, if a policeman conducts what you consider to be an unreasonable search, you don’t shoot him, you go to the police and file a complaint and sue the force and the individual. It seems to me that you’d get charged with something for being judge, jury and executioner when it comes to shooting down a drone. Lets face it, shooting downa drone is asking for trouble, as much as we’d like to do it, it’s a bad idea.
  2. wakeup says:
    not really misleading headlines–drones were shot down over Texas-no lie!
  3. Listening to Alex Jones just now and I hear him say that “they” have “checked IP address’s and found them to be GOVT”. etc. etc. NOW I do not know for sure but I think AJ is a freaking LIAR!
    IP info is for law enforcement isn’t it? I will find out for sure! AND then AJ calls disagreement “TROLLING”? What is that? The headline is VERY deceptive as I have seen on so many other articles before! SO I am a troll for pointing out the truth? JONES at it again!
    • Extrenix says:
      give me your Ip and I’ll tell you where you are
    • Sarah Conner says:
      Edoms – that is EXACTLY what he did with the bikini babe debacle. The more IW exploited it , and were then getting called out by posters after 4 features, he came out with a video going off on feminist and saying that the people who were disagreeing with him were govt trolls. He said they have been checking users IP’s to verify etc…..I believe this place is mining for the fringe the same way Facebook is mining the sheople. If so, figured that one out a little late dangit.
    • incusus says:
      “AJ calls disagreement “TROLLING”? What is that? ”
      I’ll tell you what it is: the wheels are coming off that guys bus. Listen to the way he treats any caller who had info to offer on a subject that does not directly support what he’s saying at that exact moment (which is subject to change by the way…). I’ve pretty much stopped listening to the show. Its sad, because there really are nuggets of info there that need to get out, its just covered in so much other crap its made the truth unbelievable.
      on a side not… Evidently this website and all of the “special offers” he’s hawking and the cut he gets from his advertisers can buy some nice land, big guns, and leave enough left over for a couple grand to blow on toy helicopters to shoot.
    • There’s always CNN, or FOX, or…
      wait a minute, did you just say “Listening to Alex Jones just now and…” ?
      aw, never mind…
  4. jakers says:
    I think if one is over MY air space without a warrant that it might meet a bit of turbulence! Protect the constitution!
  5. TROLL man: Long as we’re safe. YAY!
    TAX BOY: I-I-I’m not gettin’ involved…
    Cheney Shanksville: Fema Sector 1…check. Fema Sector 2…check. Fema Sector 3…check…
    Ob(s)ama: Folks want change, YES WE KEN(ya)
    TROLL man: He’s illuminati..Reptilian I tell ya…Zionist! You’re all NUTs, NUTs
    TAX BOY: I-I-I’m not gettin’ involved.
    (diamond gusset, in the crotch, need it most)
  6. MikeTheVet says:
    Alex is talking about everyone commenting on this article. He just said, “This is great. This article is going viral.”
    What the hell is Alex’s problem lately?
    Veterans for Ron Paul
  7. madashell says:
    Good Job ALEX!
    This will bring the issue into the public light and here’s why we need to awaken the people.
    United States Senator Thomas J. Dodd was the chief author of the 1968 Gun Control Act.
    When he was a young lawyer he worked at the Nuremberg Trials as a clerk.
    He saved a copy of the 1938 Nazi German Gun Control laws and when he wrote the 68GCA he had his copy of the German Nazi Gun Control Laws translated by the Library of Congress.
    After the Treaty of Versailles the German government had to write their laws to comply with the Treaty.
    Dodd copied the Nazi Laws so closely that he kept in the “COMPLAINCE” with the Treaty of Versailles.
    The [term] “SPORTING PURPOSES” comes from the Compliance with the Treaty of Versailles.
    You see after WWI the German people were only allowed to have firearms for “Sporting Purposes”
    This is why we must demand a “REPEAL” of the 68 GCA.
    Call the NRA and see what they say?
  8. wanklord says:
    Second Amendment advocates are just a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. If these brutes start shooting down drones, then government will simply send B-1B and B-52S strategic bombers to level the ground where these incidents occur.
  9. mstrblstr says:
    Very stupid sensationalist style article. Articles like this will fast crash any credibility on this site.
    The money that was wasted doing this also serves to show someone has got their head in the wrong place.
    There isn’t ANY human that will SHOOT Down a freaking drone.
    This is CLEARLY a bunch of hogwash and BS, even worse than the freaking spammers that try to promote websites or copy and pasters that are probably wearing pasties!
    The ONLY way and I do mean ONLY way someone will get one of these things down is by RF manipulation either through direct signaling or hacking.
    Please get off your self-service /pride trip or you will soon reckon the waste of energy that has been done.
    I mean this in the best way.
    Truth doesn’t need presstitution like this.
    Truth speaks for itself.

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