Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anarchist Bookstore threatens to call COPS [?]
Posted: 2013-06-18, 3:48AM CDT

To the "Anarchist" Bookstore who Threatened to CALL the Cops on Me.

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To the "Anarchist" Bookstore who Threatened to CALL the Cops on Me, and all the worthless liberals pretending revolutionary...

I was sexually assaulted. Maybe you wanna call it hazing but it happened. And what happed? You threatened to call the cops. What does that make you? I don't know, but I guess that's why noone ever calls you an anarchist bookstore to begin with.

And subsequent to that I was arrested on some bullshit. Nazis leave me alone, your little monkey wrench into my life is done. You threatened to call the cops and didn't even bother to deny the accusations of racism and fascism. It's pretty straight here. What can else is there to say? I'm talking about a collective member.

Oh, and that Marriott guy that you can't get deposed, he's totally going to give up that 3.8 million tax break. Totally. I can feel it with the love of jebus soul!!!

You guys wanna help the working classes, you can't even help yourselves. Do you do anything besides political theater?

You fucked up, I ain't saying shit, still a godless Austinite.

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