Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tiny Park Gallery , OKay Moutain and a Cinder block

by Owen Bay 
One rumor has it that the cinder block through the window at OKay Mountain was a publicity stunt.  That is one way to get people to notice your work.  I will look into this.
On Glasstire story I suggested that the culprit could be either a cinder block thrown by a trust fund MFA student whose art has had a hard time being understood? :(
Or was the cinder block from a Vet or victim who has actually experienced what torture is? :0

So let's find who did this and why.  The art community in austin is small.  We don't need acts like this.
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Anyway, if your interested in word art check it out.  Leave your brick at home.

and According to "Tiny Parks" facebook page, art critic forgets how to use words to critique the current show by Jason Creps and Joel Ross Not How It Happened.

Green Day See You Tonight from paul beck on Vimeo.
  1. Ah yes, the old "I don't like your art so I'm going to throw a cinder block through your window trick." Classic. Hope you feel better now, asshole. I suppose we knew that was one of the conceivable reactions with this particular piece, but still...

    Sorry to all our friends over at Okay Mountain. Working on a new window for you
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    and these people had something to say about it: 

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