Thursday, June 6, 2013

GrayDuck gallery RED LEFT BLUE RIGHT

This review by Owen Bay:

Check out the work up at GrayDuck gallery.  Prepare for the mind melt.  This is a fun show curated by Phillip Edward Needermyer.  Just kidding it is Niemeyer.  I believe he is from Brooklyn.  We will let that slide for now.  Niemeyer has put together a brain bender. 
Put on a pair of 3D specs and drift into the magic.  Bring popcorn.

This is a group show worth seeing.  I would write about each piece but I do not get paid enough.

 below is from the grayDuck website:

Guest Curator - Phillip Edward Niemeyer

opening reception: friday, may 10, 7-9pm
exhibition dates: may 10 - june 16, 2013

grayDUCK gallery and Phillip Edward Niemeyer present a show of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and design for anaglyph 3-D glasses. Some of the work uses traditional anaglyph 3-D in unconventional ways. Other pieces exploit the red/blue color filtering of the glasses to purposefully short the optic signals to the mind, creating illusory vibrations and a new color, a hot violet. Artists: Alec Dartley, Dan Forbes, Dana McClure, Hannah Cole, James Blagden, Joseph Phillips, Mike Reddy, Nicole Stone, Phillip Edward Niemeyer, Rebecca Rothfus, Ryan Junell, Shawn Camp & Tanya Newton-John.
As a companion piece to the show, experimental label Aagoo is releasing DOUBLE MONO, a compilation recorded in double mono: the left and right chanels play distinct sounds. Double Mono features music and sounds by Palaxy Tracks, John Saba Jr., Devin Maxwell, !!!, Jim Eno, The Octopus Project, AU and Erin Flannery & Zach Layton. The limited pressing of 300 will be available at the gallery for the duration of the show. Opening reception sponsored by Dripping Springs Texas Vodka and features red and blue drinks by The Goodtime Gals.

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