Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marfa Playboy Bunny Video is the Worst

by Owen Bay

Marfa Playboy Bunny Video is the Worst.
This video proves that this work is an empty attempt for logo to work its way into the Marfa myth of being cool.  Here is what this woman is thinking.  "Hi I am a chick walking around in the middle of nowhere dressed in a stupid demeaning outfit.  I wold not be caught dead in this dirt hole unless someone paid me."
 Way to suck the life out of a community.  Check Paul Beck's Bum Bunny, Fallen Zeros.  The work address the forgot people on the streets of the newly remodeled Austin Texas.

photo of paul beck's Fallen Zero project.  Bum Bunny, Austin Texas

According to Glasstire there is more to come: "Wakefield and Phillips also granted a recent interview to the New York Times, explaining the project and its future. “That Playboy emblem is a beacon,” Phillips said, “a touchstone where all these different aspects of our lives — art, politics, sex — come together without contradiction.” They also explained that the current installation is merely “phase one,” as Phillips will be back in New York working with a custom fabricator to “reimagine” an identical Dodge Charger to the one included in the sculpture. The vaguely described second phase will be revealed by the end of the year."

Owen's comment on the Glasstire story sums it up.
Wow that video is beyond stupid and horrible.
new work from Austin artist handles the bunny.

here are a couple of comments from the New York Times article
    • JR
    • Brooklyn, NY
    The advertisement is temporary. The scar may never go away.
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    • annie
    • texas
    Well, I guess the past tense has come to the beauty surrounding Marfa. Is the advertisement up forever or will they be listing it for sale someday?

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