Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Russell Brand Owns MSNBC

Russel Brand
drops science on the crew
title from the Gawker: Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show for Treating Him Like Shit

 Mika Brzezinski, Katty Kay and Brian Shactman put in their place.
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below is some of the comments from the gawker:
Graby SauceNeetzan Zimmerman
They weren't shitty to him; he took offense at referring to him in the third person, but that is how English works— when you aren't addressing person A directly and ask person B a question about person A, you refer to person A in the third person. Today 10:16am
keverdeneGraby Sauce
I disagree. They were completely ignoring him and talking snidely about how they couldn't understand him, etc., while he was sitting right in front of them. Incredibly passive-aggressive and rude.
The U.S. is the only English speaking country I know of where you can get away with talking about someone in the third person in their presence. It's a face-punching offense everywhere else but here. It's probably also one of the reasons people view Americans as unsympathetic and self-centered in their behavior and diplomacy. Today 10:41am
Graby Saucekeverdene
I guess I'm just a rude American then, lucky I haven't been punched in the face thus far. ;) Today 10:46am
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nanz01Neetzan Zimmerman
I get the impression that Russell Brand has a unique effect on women. They seem to get jittery and nervous around him, but not in a negative way. What is it about him? Admittedly, I had to watch the video in pieces because I get extremely uncomfortable watching people make fools of themselves. I don't know what it is... Today 9:19am
I too suffer from acute secondary embarrassment and have to cover my ears and close my eyes when things get too bad. Today 9:30am
You're not the only one... that's why I can't watch shows like The Office.... that awkward comedy stuff I just turn off... Today 9:32am
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keverdeneNeetzan Zimmerman
Brand witnessed an infuriating truth about American manners—or the lack thereof. In the US, many people think it's perfectly acceptable to use "he/she" about someone in their presence.
So, for example, you and your spouse take a friend out to dinner. Your spouse orders a drink for your friend as a treat. You say jokingly to your spouse, "Honey, don't order the man any rum. He doesn't want to drink that swill." Your spouse quips, "What?! I'm just trying to be nice to him. He looks like he needs a drink, and he said earlier he likes rum." And so on. THIS IS RUDE. Your friend is not a child or a potted plant.
I think this is what was upsetting Russell Brand more than anything, and it would have set me off as well. Today 9:32am
I am a polite, thoughtful, empathetic individual. This has NEVER CROSSED MY MIND ONCE. I am assuming it to be cultural (Anglo v American) as I can not for one second think of how it is rude to use a fucking pronoun. Today 9:53am
I have never heard that this is impolite. I suspect that we just have different standards when it comes to etiquette. Today 10:24am
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StenchofaburnerNeetzan Zimmerman
I am shedding a tear for poor Russel Brand. My tear is, of course, on behalf of Andrew Sachs who Brand called repeatedly, leaving awful messages in his answering machine, in the name of some sensationalistic crap at the expense of an old man.
Or are we supposed to have forgotten that Brand himself made a career out of being awful on the radio? Today 9:35am
Yes, that is exactly what we are supposed to do, because he had a sad when Amy Winehouse died, making him "deep," or something. Today 9:39am
Ha! You are right! Suddenly he was a cool sensible guy... barf, his entire schtick before that was being as awful as his hosts were to him in the clip above. Not that I condone awfulness but it's amusing that he is now outraged when he gets a taste of his own medicine. Today 9:42am

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