Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Michael Hastings Conspiracy Car Crash Death Investigation

by owen bay

Hastings Family is planning a private investigation of Michael Hasting death.  Friends report Muchael Hasting had told them that they where coming to kill him.
photo of alleged accident site 
LA TIMES reports: In an email sent hours before his death in a single-car L.A. crash, journalist Michael Hastings wrote that his “close friends and associates” were being interviewed by the FBI and he was going to “go off the radar for a bit.”

Michael Hastings death is starting conspiracy conversations:

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here is an interesting post from dailypaul
"Keep an eye on this guy Jeremy Scahill for good or bad... Appears to be one of Hastings last associations that I can find via interwebbings.

First a little background Michael Hastings on From Rolling Stone: "A contributing editor to Rolling Stone, Hastings leaves behind a remarkable legacy of reporting, including an exposé of America's drone war, an exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at his hideout in the English countryside, an investigation into the Army's illicit use of "psychological operations" to influence sitting Senators and a profile of Taliban captive Bowe Bergdahl, "America's Last Prisoner of War."

  • Damien Crisp "The vehicle crossed a median, struck a tree and burst into flames in the Hancock Park area, LAPD Officer Christopher No said. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.",0,7611310.story
  • Kym Ghee i think his death is quite fishy and i am quite sorry to learn of it
  • Kym Ghee it was a half mile from my house.
  • Kym Ghee i mean, that is one crazy car crash. really???????
  • Elizabeth Yvonne Pelletier I really and truly resist conspiracy theories, but even I think this looks suspicious. He was one of the few real diggers out there and wasn't afraid to be confrontational. His death is mighty convenient. The part where the car blows up is just thriller film material.
  • Martin Griffin I'm not sure how his death is "convenient," exactly. It seems to raise the issues he dealt with again when they had largely been forgotten.
  • Emmy Goldknopf Some of Hastings's associates said that he was worried about government spying and was generally very tense. They said he was a nervous wreck. That might have contributed to the accident.
  • Joseph Bravo Seems like he was driving right up to the last second the way the car landed between two trees. The front of the vehicle is obscured by a tarp but seems mostly intact. The driver compartment remarkably appears to have maintained its structural integrity until pulled apart by a fireman using the jaws of life. Aside from the evidence of fire, the wreck looks survivable. The flame damage on the car seems to be coming from the area immediately in front of the gass tank along the fuel line and its intensity seems to have focused under the driver compartment. Skid marks are not visible from this angle. The car does seem to have bottomed out coming over the curb. This could conceivably have ruptured a fuel line and created a source of ignition simultaneously. But this is certainly a tragic loss and a disturbing coincidence. I'd be curious to see the skid marks and the coroner's report. I'd also be curious to know if he regularly drove fast down this particular road. It would be interesting to know just how intensive a forensic examination the LAPD intend to perform on this vehicle. I'll wager that after a cursory examination, this will be chalked up as a simple single car traffic fatality due to driver error. It is unlikely anyone will thoroughly investigate an alternative explanation. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt offer conjecture, but the available evidence will be inconclusive. One more convenient mystery for the X-Files.
  • Anne Jones Watson ...Remember what I said to you Damien, an age ago: those who speak out are silenced? A very convenient accident me-thinks. I am SO saddened by this event. thanks for sharing Maestro!

    (Anonymous)  33. no shit, thats an illumiunasty number, they are sending a message to their little corrupt mates

    from rollingstone comment section:

    Christopher Pennington

    I saw a thing on the tube where this guy who was apparently the hacker master of all time said you could basically hack anything. He hacked a newer car with gps and all the bells and whistles like the mercedes Hastings was driving and made it do an abrupt turn. Most cars are fly by wire these days. It is not too farfetched that they hacked his car and floored it and ran it into a tree which caused his gasoline filled airbags to deploy and give him a good soaking before the button was pushed on the remotely controlled ignition device.

    Miguel Obrien

    Explosive crash in a Mercedes, single-car in the dark of night, killing the guy who took down stanley mcchrystal, death-squad specialist, involved in the cover-up and maybe the whack of Pat Tillman. My first question was about the details, which are left out of all the reports I have found so far. Anyone remember Karen Silkwood? You who think stan was humbled and forgiving ought to smoke less and read more. Think about it, Darlins. covert ops=coincidences  

    • jck747 Miguel Obrien  

      Witnesses reported it going at a very high rate of speed; he endangered others and died like he lived, as an idiot.

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        ...or someone sabotaged his accelerator.
        [re: "as an idiot"] Did you know him personally?


    So who has declared it to be an accident. Could as well be a warning for any real journalist outher not to write about NSA files etc. - if you go against us - we will eventually get you. I mean one would not have to be a rocket scientist to make a car speed up without the driver doing it. The timing of this make one wonder.
     (anonymous)Looks like another of the many, many ongoing murders or "mysterious deaths.."

    Hard to say the cause, from my observation:

    Notice the debris field at 57 seconds on the NBC coverage, is to the passenger side of the vehicle, after it struck the tree.
    The kinetic motion of the vehicle would normally cause parts of the vehicle to be projected forward of the vehicle after it struck an object.
    Therefore that debris field was caused by the explosion. Obviously the explosion did not take place immediately at the time of impact, but at an unknown quantity of time thereafter.
    Very suspicious in my opinion. He obviously was a good friend of Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Jeremy Scahill based on his tweets. Scahill is behind the movie "Dirty Wars", definitely on my top ten 'want to see' list.
    Rest in Peace Michael Hastings, G_d be with you.


    Very suspicious.....neighbor said it sounded like a bomb....has anybody ever heard of an engine flying out of a car like that before?

    RIP Hastings! I drove past

    RIP Hastings!
    I drove past the scene and find it odd that the engine and tranny flew almost 100 feet away. This contract is right out of the movie "The International"...

    no conspiracy

    from karl denninger
    compared to being killed by a terrorist
    Now let's compare against some accidental and homicidal causes of death:
    You are three times more likely to die if you ride a bicycle.
    You are roughly 10 times more likely to die if you ride a motorcycle.
    You are roughly 20 times more likely to die as a pedestrian (that is, walking)
      You are roughly 50 times more likely to die in an auto accident.
        You are four times as likely to die if you ride a horse.
        You are twice as likely to die either boating or while riding in an aircraft.
        You are more than five times as likely to die falling down stairs.
        You are about three times as likely to die falling out of bed.
        You are more than ten times as likely to acidentally drown, and twice as likely to drown in a pool.
        You are twice as likely to suffocate in your own bed (accidentally) and about three times as likely to choke to death on your food.
        You are about as likely to be accidentally electrocuted in your home.
        You are ten times as likely to die in a fire (from either smoke or flames.)

    Interesting find...

    It appears Hastings was tweeting nearly daily sometimes dozens of times a day and suddenly stopped June 12, six days ago.
    Keep an eye on this guy Jeremy Scahill for good or bad... Appears to be one of Hastings last associations that I can find via interwebbings.
    This whole situation does not seem legit.
    Peace \ /
    Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

    Scahill could be a left gatekeeper...

    Without reading his Blackwater book some things jump out at me from the Amazon reviews:
    -It seems Scahill did not have much original info on Blackwater and just took from many other sources (Chomsky was accused of the same when he created Manufacturing Consent and became what I think to be controlled opposition and gatekeeper of media dissent)
    -The book was very one-sided politically against Blackwater and catered to the liberal audience. (Pandering is one of the objectives of controlled opposition, but sometimes you can get too carried away and it becomes obvious.)
    -Self-promotion: just watched the trailer for Dirty Wars and some reviews and many mention that much of the movie involves Scahill scribbling on note pads and focused on him rather than the stories. (It's just as important to promote the person than to tell a story if you want to be a gatekeeper.)
    This is all circumstantial evidence, but just based on my understanding of psyops, cointelpro, intelligence operations, gatekeeping etc. it fits a certain modus operandi.
    9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?
    9-11 Actors:
    Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

    Jeremy Scahill

    latest book is about Blackwater.

    Oh man. He was retweeting Greenwald re: Snowden..

    Good find. Stopped tweeting June 12th and was a regular tweeter.
    I just read the last week's worth of tweets and Michael was really well versed in the NSA scandal and spying on the press etc. I think there is a connection with intelligence agents and the Snowden leak. It's strange this happens 6 days after he stops tweeting about NSA leaks. What was he doing between the 12th and today?
    9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?
    9-11 Actors:
    Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

    They could of just blocked

    They could of just blocked Hastings from tweeting as well

    Doubt it... Gleen Greenwald tweeted pretty much all this...

    past week...
    9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?
    9-11 Actors:
    Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

    I concure

    What's also interesting is Six days prior of that (June 6th) the world learned about PRISM, the clandestine electronic surveillance program that is recording us all right now.
    June 6
    June 12
    June 18
    I'm going off the deep end and suggesting the Gov't had an other one defect so they may spill the beans.
    If I were to guess further, i would postulate that if Mr. Hasting was assassinated for what he new I would think the source of the leak has perished as well.
    If my gut is right, the leaks death occurred sometime right before Hastings stopped tweeting. What was he doing before he got into that car for the last time.
    Whatever the connection to his death and what he knew was somewhere in that burnt car.
    ~Good Night, And Good Luck~

    His fiance was killed in an ambush in Baghdad.

    The link below is a brief summary with the articles he wrote.


    This is such a tragedy. What a wonderful young man he was.
    Judging from the exterior, it appears he was not an alcoholic or lived his life on the "edge". He seemed centered and normal from all appearances.
    I worked in Law Enforcement in the Coroner's Division. I can say right now there are only usually 2 reasons this happens. He either passed out due to drinking too much, therefore falling asleep. Or, he fell asleep at the wheel. If someone knows the time of the accident, it would be very helpful.
    If it was early in the evening up till say midnight, it is doubtful he fell asleep at the wheel. It is also doubtful he was drunk and fell asleep at the wheel. He did not appear alcoholic at all, and I've been around "alcoholics".
    This is such a tragedy. First, he loses his love. Now, his family has lost him.
    These fanatic, insane elitists running the world---could they have committed this act somehow? If so, there will be a DAY OF JUDGMENT, you elites-----you don't believe now, but you will when you die....

    OK, call me a conspiracy theorist

    Just watched the video here:
    One neighbor says it sounded like a bomb went off and her house shook, then another neighbor points out that the engine was located 50 yards away from the car and he had never heard of anything like that happening in a car accident.

    I've seen cars burn up

    a few times. A couple even blew up. Engines just do NOT get dislodged due to fire or even the impact, maybe in Nascar or Formula 1. But not on the streets of LA!
    Rest In Peace Patriot!!!
    "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever" -John Adams
    It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

    Even in Nascar you don't see

    Even in Nascar you don't see engines fly out like that. This was a hit job

    I wonder if it was a drive by

    I wonder if it was a drive by wire vehicle. I won't drive anything without mechanical linkage.

    I wonder what he was working on before he died

    Just curious if he had a big story in the works.

    What a bummer

    It really is odd how he died, especially after exposing as many powerful lizards as he did. There are not many patriots smart enough, and brave enough, to speak truth to power. A great loss.


    I can't for a second believe this to be a normal car accident, possibly his car was rigged to be sabotaged.
    They took out Aaron Schwartz, now they've taken Michael Hastings out. [Many people have theorized about Breitbart as well, but personally I didn't follow Breitbart or his story too closely.]
    Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

    A car fire....

    ....completely destroys evidence.
    "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

    Fuck the evil flag

    My flag is Love.
    My website:

    he did not die

    he was born onto his real life.
    My website:
    sharkhearted's picture

    This is tragic.

    With his outspoken, sometimes damning coverage of "Them" over the years, this highly anomalous "accident"...seems suspect as well.
    Hope an investigation will ensue. Oh no, wait, its the LAPD. There will be no investigation of consequence.
    RIP Michael Hastings.
    Norfolk, VA
    Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

    wondering what was the new article he was writing ....

    or a delayed response from his past article.
    Another American crossed out on bama's death list.

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