Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taylor Chapman real or not

Is Taylor Chapman a bad comic? Is this real? you make the call
twitter still blowing up Taylor Chapman.  Here some:
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  • Watched abt 30sec of video made by . Aftr seeing many comments abt her, sad 2c some of us r just as rude
  • The Devil's Dictionary defines being famous as: Being conspicuously miserable. Let's hope is famous now.
  • A lot of people still tweeting about She made herself famous.
  • if or anyone else books her for any interviews WE MUST ALL MAKE A PACT to turn the channel! DO NOT SUPPORT
  • Wow! What a disgrace you are! You embarrass all Americans!
  • Racial slurs & a bad tempter r usually bad for the business world. CALM DOWN. It's only Dunkin Donuts
  • Dunkin' Donuts Rant Leads to Recognition For Cool-Headed Crew Members
  • Just saw that awful racist rant on youtube... for a receipt?? Good luck with your professional life now, you awful girl.
  • To the incredibly racist redneck ....You poor, poor, child...SMH...I bet your parents are proud. BTW: !
  • You are truly a horrible, foul human being. Enjoy your new status of the most hated person on earth!
  • This is the woman who launched the vile tirade against a Dunkin' Donuts employee.
  • Thank you Dunkin Donuts for my receipt. You are all very kind people.
  • Shopping with madre! My new "Pocahontas pants" as (miss you) calls them
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