Friday, October 12, 2012

China Ivory Factories, China most Failing Nation

China most Failing Nation. The elephant in the room.  Chinese are not stopping the ivory market.

A Chinese reporter in Kenya covers the 2011 burning of 5.5 tons of smuggled ivory. Kenya helped launch a global ivory ban in 1989 but lately has been stockpiling its ivory. The ivory here belonged to other countries.

A worker in China’s largest ivory-carving factory finishes a piece symbolizing prosperity. China legally bought 73 tons of ivory from Africa in 2008; since then, poaching and smuggling have both soared.

Save the elephants

To keep the ivory from the black market, a plainclothes ranger hacks the tusks off a bull elephant killed illegally in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. In the first half of this year six park rangers died protecting Kenya’s elephants; meanwhile, rangers killed 23 poachers.

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  1. I personally volunteer to go hunt these poaching bastards! I need some sponsors though!!!! my name is Amber and I'm dead serious!