Sunday, October 14, 2012

David Choes five points for success

success  or just  another day in the choedom:

Plot a Path to Financial Success
“A lot of you want to know how to get rich. It’s not that hard. Just figure out what people want. But don’t open a vineyard. Wine goes bad. Open up a balsamic vinegar factory. Wine turns into vinegar anyways.”
“Whenever a girl tells me she’s not into Asian guys, I know that by the end of the day, or at least the end of the decade, I’m gonna be inside her.”
Establish a Daily Routine
“I have a terabyte of porn. I wake up and the first thing I do is jerk off. That’s what I call a 4-5 tissue morning.”
Confront Stereotypes and Racial Inequality
“If a girl tells me I’m the first Asian guy she’s ever been with, I get angry. White guys could just fuck. Black guys could just fuck. But now I have to powerfuck her or else Asian guys will never have a chance again.”
Always Be Networking
“There’s Banksy, there’s Shepard Fairey, and me. We’re the human centipede. I’m in the middle, sucking a dick and getting fucked in the ass.”
The Big Takeaway
“Part of playing this game is to not follow the rules. You have to think of shit the other way.”

from the L.A. magazine

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