Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ann Romney and Delphi

Paul Singer New York hedge-fund billionaire gets to hold on to Argentina’s prized navy vessel, the ARA Libertad, a Ghana court ruled today.

Yes that Paul Singer.  Singer could bring down New York bank.

Singer, Dan Lobe and John Paulson bought Delphi got from TARP 12 billion.

Ann Romney wife of Mitt Romney through her blind trust got a piece of the action 15 million dollars to 115 million.

"Paulson and Singer paid an average of about 67 cents a share for Delphi.  In November, 2011, Paulson sold a chunk of his holdings for $22 a share. Paulson’s gain totals a billion and a half dollars ($1,499,499,000), and Singer gained nearly a billion ($899,751,000) –– thirty-two times their investment.
One-hundred percent of this gain for the Paulson and Singer hedge funds is accounted for by taxpayer bail-out support."

now Delphi operates outside the country.

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