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University of Texas Bleach Water Balloons May be Racially motivated

Bleach Balloons may be  racially motivated

Bleach-filled water balloons being thrown or dropped on students of the University of Texas.
Reports state that the first incident happened in June,  Aug. 15, then again on Sept. 18.incident happened near West 26th Street and Nueces Street, though the date was not available.
The August ballooning happened in the 2500 block of Guadalupe Street. The remaining balloon bombs happened in the 2500 block of Pearl Street.

This was reported in the Daily Texan:
A fraternity canceled an event--  because of racism accusation.  The Daily Texan-- reported the party plans involved someone building a fake Rio Grande and having students dress up in ponchos crossing the river.

"I though it was innocent fun because a lot of people in the fraternity said they were personally Mexican and didn't find it offensive, " said Sarah Alerasol a UT student.

"There is an issue of under representation of people of color, " said senior Amalia Hernandez.

All bleach balloon cases are under investigation.

from Walk To West Campus.....

As part of the Walk to West Campus: Standing in Solidarity Against Racism & Hate ****MEET @ MLK Statue at 5:30pm****, I saw a young white man sitting at Cain and Abel's, flicking us off as we walked by. I called him out because it happened quick, in case he wanted to get away with it, and then he continued to proudly f...See More
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  • Christopher Ledesma And needless to say, I'm wasn't surprised to see that coming from the clientele of Cain and Abel's.

  • Steve Arceri Hey, I was just over at Cain and Abel's, cos I work nearby. The people who work there are cool, and their clientelle just seem like average frat bar denizens. Just because they are preppy and douchey doesn't mean they are racist.

  • Steve Arceri Yeah i read the post, I was just responding to the comment about cain and abel's, cos i was just there.
  • Steve Arceri I wouldn't let it rile you, in any case.
  • Steve Arceri yes, i did, but i'm just aiming for a more reasonable generalization, if one were to make one, based on what i hear passing by there on my bike every night, ok PC police? and i was...See More
  • Christopher Ledesma Steve, as I was walking down 24th street, I knew coming up to expect some sort of mocking from that corner, because I've lived here 11 years, 3 of them across from that bar, and I ...See More
  • Christopher Ledesma So my main point is, I'm glad you like that bar, but walking up, as a brown person in a march full of brown people, I felt nervous walking by there. To me, that makes it a place wh...See More
  • Steve Arceri dude, it's a bar. wtf are you talking about? it's not their responsibility, per se, to make an effort, according to status quo expectations. you're making a blanket statement about...See More
  • Christopher Ledesma When did I ask the bar to do anything
  • Steve Arceri i'm saying, it's a bar, it's just people drinking. frat people hang out at the frat bar, and so do all kinds of regular joes/jos, not necessarily privileged (oh, right, except they...See More
  • Christopher Ledesma I'm not sure what you want me to admit, and if you wanna talk about it we should do it in person, because I'm done commenting.

    We're obviously talking past one another because I'm not saying what you think I am.
  • Steve Arceri ^^^you said, "And needless to say, I'm wasn't surprised to see that coming from the clientele of Cain and Abel's."
  • Steve Arceri no big deal!
  • Steve Arceri (btw the guy flipping you off might not be as privileged as you imagine, in reality. except for the automatic kind that you can't wash off because it's a snap judgement based on skin color...)
  • Steve Arceri (sorry don't mean to troll!!!)
  • Christopher Ledesma Steve...OMG :)
  • Justin Etter I'd be tempted to flip you off, Chris, for I find idealism in and of itself sort of a repugnant moral failing, and then there's Poe's imp of the perverse to boot, encouraging the s...See More

Anyone gonna post pictures of that classy guy flicking us off at Cain and Abel's?

some facebook post from KVUE page:

  • Bonnie Coleman So there goal is to make them white?????
  • Steven Akin KVUE, you don't have to be the follower sheep on this story after KEYE already did a great job of their typical incompetent reporting...Here was the direct post to KEYE: Really KE...See More
  • Tim McMullen Short version: Steve thinks this story is false. Please check it out.
  • Joy Valdez So sad this sort of thing is still happening. Have we not learned from our past history?
  • Steven Akin @Tim McMullen, I read this story posted on the APD page...There was no mention of 'bleach' in their posting. Actually, on the APD posting, it says 'water balloons'. Anyway, the po...See More
  • The KVUE Insider Steven Akin: KVUE News reporter Shelton Green will have more on this story tonight at 10 p.m.
  • Jason McKee Steve has some hate, maybe he is the suspect?
  • Steven Akin Here is the EXACT copy and paste from Austin Police Dept: "APD is currently working with UTPD on incidents that occurred from June-present where water balloons have been thrown at...See More
  • Tracy Cockrell JASON, Steve is exactly correct in what he is saying. My daughter is a student living in West Campus and I heard the exact same things Steve stated for a few months now. Very strange the media is just now reporting on this (close to election time) and skewed at that.
  • Happy Days I concur with Tracy as I too have heard the same thing since early Summer.
  • Stephanie Garrett It's liberal media. Everyone knows it's those small groupies of trouble makers over in West Campus since they don't have the class to fit in over there...A shame that simple-minde...See More
  • Christopher Kringle Me think 'ems KVUE is Follower Sheep 'ems. Me go smoke 'em Peace Pipe now. :)
  • Steven Akin KVUE, your competitor KEYE already reported on this story at their early news cast. The interest level of the story went over like a lead balloon since it's VERY old news. {excuse the balloon pun}
  • Jason McKee Again, not saying it is wrong or right, but you are the people they hope to rile up with information like this.
  • Christopher Kringle Ugg, if you got 'em, smoke 'em
  • Stephanie Garrett Jason honey, no one is riled up about it. The issue is this is old stuff about that little click over at WC and funny media makes a report that is off center near election time. If you don't see it, not our problem hun.
  • Lola Puerta Correcto Mundo. Cheap Reporting by lib media. The media's approach is let's highlight stories close to Election that might make whites look bad towards minorities. How weak. This...See More
  • Jason McKee Again, since you didn't read my post, I don't care. By posting and being on the offense, and quick to point out the errors and faults, then yes, you were affected. It is a two way ...See More
  • Jason McKee I was simply stating it was silly to post 6 paragraphs of info to a Facebook update. I find it hard to believe that Kvue would fail to look this up, and secondly see that another station had already covered it. News is news. It is what THEY want you to hear, and I am fully aware of that.
  • Jason McKee And to that I say, Good Day!
  • Monroe Treviño I don't watch KEYE... ijs
  • Steven Akin OK KVUE, I just watched your news cast...It was sooo obvious that goup are liars. I quote from your witness on your News cast: "The balloons hit us, well almost hit us". The balloons hit 3 of us on our heads, well almost hit us......Thanks for reporting as it's transparent who the REAL RACISTS are on our campus! GO ROMNEY!
  • Kyle Etzel You seem very upset, Mr. Akin.
  • Steven Akin Oh yes, terribly! <rolling eyes> ;)
  • Tracy Cockrell grow up etzel
  • Happy Days Trace, don't even waste your time of him. As for his type, instead of being part of the solution, he is part of the main problem.
  • Steven Akin Even though KVUE copy-catted the story from another station, I guess they succeeded in their purpose. As it looks like the most lame story of the week got the most attention on their page here! LOLOL
  • The KVUE Insider UPDATE:
    Austin and UT police are investigating incidents of bleach bombs thrown at minority students walking in West Campus.
  • Happy Days KVUE, Steve was correct. Those guys are obvious liars. First, the Reporter said "They believed they were bleach.." (Any idiot would know for certain if something was bleach or not...See More
  • Tim McMullen So much time wasted arguing over a small news story that was covered by all four local stations. Steven wants me to get it together? <eyes rolling>
  • Tracy Cockrell mcmullen you are a rocket scientist <eyes rolling>
  • Tracy Cockrell It just proves there truly is something occurring with people in this country called Stupidom. Let's see, the bleach story: (Per APD directly) they have no suspect at all, no cred...See More
  • Christopher Kringle Me think 'em the nigadom in this story is runnin' a muck 'em! Time to go smoke 'em Peace Pipe. Uggg

    from Ricky Cavazos post on
    In response to David Maly's article titled "Students plan march for equality", it is unfortunate to see people within the UT community scream like little pussies whenever they see someone who is different than themselves. Of course, this is in part because of the rigid environments in which many Texans come from.

    The truth is, Austin, Texas, despite priding itself on being progressive, diverse, open-minded, "liberal", gay-friendly, and "awesome" is still very much a backward, bigoted, and ignorant town. Just look at all of the Austinites who proudly lined up at Chick-fil-a on August 1st. That is the painful truth, and it's very easy to believe the myth that overshadows the truth.

    White supremacy is a sleeping giant, or rather, a SLEEPING MONSTER at the University of Texas at Austin. Take a very good, long look around your campus, and you will see that white people are the most powerful groups at UT Austin who dominate everything and expect minorities (and homosexuals) to bow to them.

    If you are a minority and run into an issue, go complain to the UT administration. See if they help you with a concern or a complaint. See what kind of response you get from them. See if they take your complaint seriously. See if they treat you with a professional attitude. See if they applaud you for speaking up.

    Last Thursday, President Powers, in his state of the university address, said, on quote " I reaffirm our commitment to a diverse campus. Our campus needs to be a more inclusive community that welcomes all people regardless of their race, religion, family status, and sexual orientation. UT is a place where everyone should feel welcome."

    If it isn't already being done so, the university should educate the incoming freshman - these freshman that come from rigid environments - at freshman orientation on diversity and tolerance of people who are different than themselves. The Texas public school system is too busy worried about their accountability ratings than for them to actually care and take the time to do this. The future students should know what they are getting themselves into when they enter UT; not just academically, but socially as well. They should know that they may have a roommate or residence hall mates who may be significantly different than themselves who may be of a difference race, religion, and sexual orientation. They should know that they will be sharing classes with people from different countries and of different races and religions. They should know that when they walk by the West Mall, they may see two young men holding hands. Or that when they go use the community bathrooms at Jester West or Jester East, they may see two young men or two young women coming out of one shower together. They should know what to expect, so that when they do see it, they perhaps won't scream like little pussies. :)

    And if they can't handle it, I will just tell them what the Chick-fil-a supporters told us - patronize elsewhere. You have the option of going to that other large state school located 100 miles east of Austin in a small town called College Station, Texas where the words "diversity" and "tolerance" are no where to be found in their vocabulary.

    I think it's safe to say most people at UT want to have a great college experience. When you are ugly, vicious, and mean to people making racial and homophobic slurs and throwing those types of balloons at them, you are ruining their college experience. And it will leave a lasting impression on them. On a personal note, one year ago, I received a very long message on Facebook from a former residence hall mate I had in Moore-Hill, that wrote me a very long letter of apology for the way he treated me for being gay; this occurring from 1995-1997. I have his letter of apology saved under my notes section. I didn't even remember who he was, but he apparently still remembered me.

    The university is at a critical point in its time, and it is aggressively trying to reach out to all its alumni to support it. And when I hear about incidents such as these, it makes me, as an alumnus, no longer want to support you.

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  1. Hello, this is Chris Ledesma, I posted the comments about someone flicking us off at the march. One of these I posted on the event page for the march and the other on my personal wall.

    For the one on my personal wall, while I posted this with a link to the event page on facebook and was posting it publicly, the friends that commented on my post were engaging me in a conversation with the expectation of privacy.

    They've brought this to my attention, and I wanted to politely ask for you to remove any of the comments from my post from this article. You're welcome to keep mine, but I think it would be good form to respect their desire to not have their comments here.

    Thank you, and please let me know if you can fulfill this request.