Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm not Justin Bebier

from youtube:
Green Day's 45 minute set is cut to 30 minutes by iHeartRadio to make
more room for Rihanna and Usher Usher's set went 25 minutes longer than
it was meant to so Billie Joe armstrong stops halfway through Basket
Case to play a new song only to realise that they have 1 minute left on
the stage. He gets angry and complains before smashing his guitar.



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  • lol nice. but he just broke a 1700 guitar lol
  • do you have the time, to listen to me whine? Nope, only got one fucking minute, one fucking goddam fuck justin bieber fucking minute, so quit your whining cause its bringing me down.
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  • Either that's a really strong guitar, or Billie is a weakling but I don't give a shit..just like he said, he has been around since 1988 usher has been around since what? 2000? Billie has a 12 yr get up on him
  • I'm a guitarist, and I didn't cringe. I thought it was pretty cool.
  • Thats not the point. Me being guitarist it make me cringe! im like NOOO. how could you beat that poor les paul junior lol.
  • o that sucks i would've at least like to listen to the rest of the song then you can have your melt down about one minute
  • They cut off green day for usher and rihanna?? GREEN DAY!!! Come on!! he is right!!! they have ben around since 1988!! and they get 1 minte!! I dont wanna live on this planet anymore
  • Thats MY Biliie joe, God I Love that Man!!!! And he is right on that, Green day has been around way longer and they deserve all the time they want on any stage!!!! There is noone like Green day specialy Billie joe!
  • The guy was clearly very drunk or high but he has a point they are way better than Justin Bieber and it takes alot to break a Gibson of that high quality
  • He can afford another 1000 of them.
  • Fuck you. Fuck you hard, in the ass, with a crowbar. Then, take that crowbar out of your ass and shove it down your throat.
    He's been around since nineteen eighty fuckin eight.

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