Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lance Armstrong Best Doper Ever

If the allegations made by Lance Armstrong teammates.  Lance Armstrong is the best doper ever.

Think about it.  If everyone was doping Lance was the best.  Not only did he not get caught like the other guys he won races.

Among the 11 former teammates who testified against Armstrong are George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis, Jonathan Vaughters, Levi Leipheimer — the last of whom has since been suspended by his team — and Frankie Andreu, whose wife, Betsy Andreu, provided USADA with her affidavit last month.

Tour de France wins: 2003 Tour de France, 2004 Tour de France, 2005 Tour de France, 2000 Tour de France, 1999 Tour de France, 2001 Tour de France, 2002 Tour de France

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johnny van pottelbergheAug 25, 2012

Mark ThomasAug 26, 2012

Even if the stories are true you still have an amazing story dude.

Kenneth BrowneAug 27, 2012

I think Lance Armstrong is a monument to what people can achieve if they believe they can achieve it .If you you can beat Cancer if you believe you can do something even when others believe you can't this is what Lance Armstrong stands for .Achieve the impossible because everything is possible.What Lance has done is a milestone for humanity, it is more important than walking on the moon, it has empowered people within Sport & out side of it on a Global scale.

Lotfi FrigiAug 28, 2012
Say it ain't so Lance!
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"Lance Armstrong's closest confidant may have forced him to quit fight against doping charges"

Chuan ChenAug 30, 2012
you are always my hero!7阿姆斯特朗,你永远是7冠王!

Michael ChingAug 31, 2012
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Devrim CatakSep 16, 2012
Hey Lance, you`re still the best. Since you have stopped cycling I have no idol, I also stopped cycling, watching on tv old videos...
All the people talking nonsense have never been on a bike, dont know what they are talking.

Thanks google that I can sent you a direct comment: Many greetings from Germany/Germersheim. Devrim Catak

Huong tran thiSep 19, 2012

Ashwin ReddySep 27, 2012

Fer M. S.Oct 3, 2012
You're still the best.

Mitesh KansaraOct 5, 2012
Great Lance..I salute your spirit...

John BaconYesterday 7:40 PM
P.S. You suck and are a cheater. Have a good night!

Spencer NelsonYesterday 9:09 PM
32,000 dead in traffic accidents (North America) last year. Some guy doing dope. What's the deal?

Boris Novak3:52 AM
Hello Lance, the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on
so who cares let them bark

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