Wednesday, October 17, 2012

James Artgallery and Uriels act of vandalism as art

Houston is having an art discussion on facebook.


Is Uriel Landeros the Rosa Parks of the art world?  No not quite but he has made a statement.  The remix art movement.  D.J. Stencil.


What you fail to see Houston and what a world class museum and three galleries now see is ....Uriels act of vandalism as art.Uriel Landeros has done what all aristis have been trying to do for the past 500 years,create a new form of expression or set themselves apart from the masses of artists out there trying to be the best surrealist,expressionist ,graphitti artist ect.those places are making what he wants with your art and remixing it the way he feels it should look like he has done what you've been failing at for quite some time, myself included.this is probably the most hated concept of a new style by artists mostly because they have to accept a change to their personal art and ego ,not to mention it wasn't their idea . Stop trying so hard artist, just let art happen and have the humility to recognize it when it does.there is more documentry film coming out on this subject.I am proud to represent Uriel and i believe one day you will be as well, James Perez .
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