Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who is STONE COLD E.T. - Hilarious drive thru WWE

Who is Stone Cold E.T.
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  • They knew better then to close that window while Stone Cold E.T. was talking. Stone Cold E.T. would have opened up a can of reese's pieces whoop ass on them.
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  • Do more. DO MORE!!!!
  • I'm crying with laughter!
  • oh fuck i laughed so fucking hard thx for that
  • The ET mask needs a goatee.
  • He looks like he's from outer space is sumthin', tssssssssss
  • "YOU KNOW STONE COLD E.T" wrong window hahah.
  • Havent laughed this hard in a long time, im crying!
  • I just heard this on Opie & Anthony lol.
  • Big Bird goes to Congress with a gun looking for

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